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Latin 5th hour

accredit to authorize; to believe
credence belief, acceptance as true
creditable deserving praise
credulous believing too easily; gullible
creed a statement of belief or principle
deify to make a god of
deity a god or goddess
divine to fortell by supernatural means
divinity a god or goddess, a divine being
apotheosis making a god of something, deification
theocracy government by divine power or priests
theology the study of religion
atheist a person who believes there is no god
pantheism identifying god with nature, belief in all gods
pantheon all the gods of a people or religion
consecrate to make or declare something sacred, to dedicate something to a goal
execrate to denounce as vile or evil; to curse; to detest
sacrament something considered to have sacred significance
sacrilege disrespect to something regarded as sacred
sacrosanct sacred (often used ironicaly)
sanctimonious pretending to be righteous
sanction approval; support; permission
sanctituy godliness; holiness
sanctuary a sacred place, any place of refuge
heirarchy a group organized by rank
heiroglyphic written with pictures to represent sounds or meanings of words; hard to read
expiate to make amends for, to atone for
piety religious doevotion; great respect toward something, especially parents
impious sacreligeous,, profane, lacking appropriate reverence or respect
pittance a meager portion of anything, especially an allowance or salary
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