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Latin Adjectives

antiqua -ae, ancient, old-time
magna -ae, large, great, important
mea -ae, my
multa -ae, much, many
tua -ae, your
sana -ae, sound, sane
immodica -ae, immoderate, excessive
nulla -ae, no
saeva -ae, cruel
avarus -a, greedy, avaricious
pauci -ae, pl, few, a few
Romanus/a Roman
adversus -a, adverse
bellus -a, -um, pretty, handsome, charming
bonus -a, -um, good, kind
humanus -a, -um, pertaining to man
malus -a, -um, bad, wicked, evil
parvus -a, -um, small, little
stultus -a, -um, foolish
verus -a, -um, true, real, proper
caecus -a, -um, blind
infortunatus -a, -um, unfortunate
beatus -a, -um, happy, fortunate
infinitus -a, -um, infinite
dignus -a, -um, worthy, deserving
praeclarus -a, -um, splendid, remarkable
rarus -a, -um, rare
liber -a, -um, free
noster -ra, -rum, our, ours
sanus -a, -um, sound, healthy, sane
angustus -a, -um, narrow
peritus -a, -um, skillful
asper -ra, -rum, rough, harsh
pulcher -ra, -rum, beautiful, handsome, fine
Graecus -a, -um, Greek
perpetuus -a, -um, perpetual, lasting, uninterrupted, continuous
plenus -a, -um, full, abundant, generous
salvus -a, -um, safe, sound
secundus -a, -um, second, favorable
vester -tra, -trum, your
Punicus -a, -um, Punic, Carthiginian
various -a, -um, varied
infirmus -a, -um, not strong, weak
novus -a, -um, new, strange
durus -a, -um, hard, harsh
indignus -a, -um, unworthy
praeclarus -a, -um, noble, remarkable
rectus -a, -um, right
eximius -a, -um, extraordinary
Troianus -a, -um, Trojan
necessarius -a, -um, necessary
hic haec, hoc, this, the latter, he, she, it, they
ille illa, illud, that, the former, the famous, he, she, it, they
iste ista, istud, that of yours, that, such (sometimes contemptuous)
alius -a, -ud, other, another
alter altera, alterum, the other (of two), second, alternate
neuter neutra, neutrum, not either, neither
nullus -a, -um
solus -a, -um, alone, only, the only
totus -a, -um, whole, entire
ullus -a, -um, any
unus -a, -um, one, single, alone
uter utra, utrum, either, which (of two)
voluntarius -a, -um, voluntary
incertus -a, -um, uncertain
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