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Unit 2 revision 1

Unit 2 revision cards no.1

What is the acid called in the stomach? Hydrochloric acid
What is made when you heat limestone with sand and sodium carbonate? Glass
What is the scale called that has numbers and colours of universal indicator? pH scale
What number and colour on the pH scale is the strongest alkali? pH14 purple
What is the name of the reaction when adding an acid to an alkali? Neutralisation
Name the type of material that is made when 2 or more materials combine? Composite
What is the process that releases heat from fossil fuels? Combustion
What is the process that releases heat from nuclear fuel? Fission
What is the UKs electricity distribution company called? National Grid
What is the symbol equation for the production of quicklime from limestone? CaCO3 -> CaO + CO2
What is the symbol equation for the production of slaked lime from quicklime? CaO + H2O -> Ca(OH)2
Cement is made when limestone is heated with what? Clay
What 4 things make up concrete? Cement sand water small stones
Name the process that keeps the bodies internal environment constant? Homeostasis
Give the word that describes differences seen in humans? Variation
What is the word that describes different forms of the same gene? Allele
What organ detects rise in blood glucose levels? Pancreas
What hormone is secreted when blood glucose levels are high? Pancreas releases Insulin into the blood
What does insulin do? Converts glucose to glycogen
Where is glycogen stored? Liver
Created by: carolinemorgan