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Latin Verbs

amo amare, amavi, amatum, to love, like
cogito cogitare, cogitavi, cogitatum, to think, ponder, consider, plan
debeo debere, debui, debitum, to owe, ought, must
do dare, dedi, datum, to give, offer
erro errare, erravi, erratum, to wander, err, go astray, make a mistake, be mistaken
laudo laudare, laudavi, laudatum, to praise
moneo monere, monui, monitum, to remind, advise, warn
salveo salvere, to be well, be in good health
servo servare, servavi, servatum, to preserve, save, keep, guard
conservo conservare, conservavi, conservatum, to preserve, conserve, maintain
terreo terrere, terrui, territum, to frighten, terrify
valeo valere, valui, valiturum, to be strong, have power, be well
video videre, vidi, visum, to see, observe, understand
voco vocare, vocavi, vocatum, to call, summon
festino festinare, to hasten, make haste
culpo culpare, to blame, censure
respondeo respondere, to reply, to respond
volo volare, to fly
deporto deportare, to carry away
recuso recusare, to refuse, reject
vito vitare, to avoid
iubeo iubere, to order
onero onerare, to load, oppress
timeo timere, to fear
creo creare, to create
obduro obdurare, to be firm, tough
basio basiare, to kiss
habeo habere, habui, habitum, to have, hold, possess, consider, regard
satio satiare, to satisfy, sate
irrito irritare, to excite, exasperate
teneo tenere, to have, observe
iuvo iuvare, iuvi, iutum, to help, aid, assist, please
sum esse, fui, futurum, to be, exist
ceno cenare, to dine
culpo culpare, to blame, censure
remaneo remanere, remansi, remansum, to remain, stay, stay behind, abide, continue
maneo manere, mansi, mansum, to remain, stay, stay behind, abide, continue
supero superare, to be above, have the upper hand, surpass, overcome, conquer
sustineo sustinere, to endure, sustain
curo curare, to take care of
respondeo respondere, to respond
pugno pugnare, to fight
exclamo exclamare, to shout
inquit says
possum posse, potui, to be able, can, could, have power
toero tolerare, to bear, endure
opto optare, to wish
gusto gustare, to taste
delecto delectare
audeo audere, ausus sum, to dare
neco necare, to murder, kill
canto cantare, to sing
pecco peccare, to sin
ago agere, egi, actum, to drive, lead, do, act, pass, spend
demonstro demonstrare, to point out, show, demonstrate
disco discere, didici, to learn
doceo docere, docui, doctum, to teach
duco ducere, duxi, ductum, to lead, consider, regard, prolong
gero gerere, gessi, gestum, to carry, carry on, manage, conduct, wage, accomplish, perform
scribo scribere, scripsi, scriptum, to write, compose
traho trahere, traxi, tractum, to draw, drag, derive, acquire
vinco vincere, vici, victum, to conquer, overcome
perdeo perdere, to destroy
exponeo exponere, to set forth
converteo convertere, to turn around, attract
declamo declamare, to declaim
relegeo relegere, to re-read
relevo relevare, to relieve, diminish
capto captare, to hunt for legacies
tolleo tollere, to take away
audio audire, audivi, auditum, to hear, listen to
capio capere, cepi, captum, to take, capture, seize, get
dico dicere, dixi, dictum, to say, tell, speak, name, call
facio facere, feci, factum, to make, do, accomplish
fugio fugere, fugi, fugiturum, to flee, hurry away, escape, go into exile, avoid, shun
venio venire, veni, ventum, to come
invenio invenire, -veni, -ventum, to come upon, find
vivo vivere, vixi, victum, to live
incipio -ere, to begin
rapio -ere, to snatch, seize
pario -ere, to produce
camparo -are, to compare
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