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Electrical Circuits

Unit Test Study Guide

What is the ability to do work? energy
What kind of electricity is created when electrons do not flow but still create a charge? static
What is the thin wire in a bulb that changes ELECTRICAL energy into LIGHT energy. filament
What kind of circuit gives electricity more than one path to flow through? parallel
What kind of circuit gives electricity only one path to flow through? series
In batteries, the condition of having positive and negative ends which must be aligned correctly for the batteries to be in series or parallel is called_____ polarity
Material that allows electricity to flow through it easily is called a good ____ conductor
What is an example of a good conductor? metal, paper clip, copper wire, steel nail
What type of charge do protons have? positive
What do you call a diagram that shows how something is put together? For example, a wiring diagram. schematic
Name three reasons why electricians use wiring diagrams. faster to draw symbols, common language for all electricians, easier to read
Material that does NOT allow electricity to flow through it easily is called ______ or ______. insulator, nonconductor
Is it easier to find a burned out bulb in a SERIES circuit or a PARALLEL circuit. parallel circuit
The circuits in our house are connected in ____. parallel
When you connect batteries in series, it is important to make sure all BATTERIES are facing the _______. same direction
If LIGHT BULBS are connected in a SERIES, do they have to face the same direction? No
If you add more light bulbs to a series circuit, the lights get _____________. dimmer
When you use an electric stove, electrical energy changes to ___________ energy. heat
What are the points that must be connected on a bulb and a battery to complete a circuit? terminals
What creates an electrical current by a chemical reaction? dry cell
What is the name of the energy created when electrons move. electricity
Electricity flows through a path called a _____. circuit
What opens and closes a circuit? switch
What are some possible reasons for a properly connected to circuit to not light up? battery is out of energy, bulb is broken
Created by: aemiller5