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Stack #117611

NCLEX PN - Cancer/STD's

thrombocytopenia-alters coagulation SO: hi bleeding risk & use smallest needle for shots
Breast exam-what to report: hard, non-tender mass. (upper outer quad is most common site)
Stomatitis (CA pt) rinse mouth with: diluted solution hydrogen perozide (helps w/moisture & comfort)
Left sided heart failure:ss bibasilar fine crackles
Ovarian CA-most risk is: over 40, infertile, never preg.,
Breast self exam when? monthly 7 to 10 days after menses starts
Testicular cancer peaks at between 20 and 40
Right sided stroke ss L handed weakness, impulseveness & poor judgement
Familial polyposis strong risk factor for colorectal CA, risk increases over 40
Stomatitis is a sore mouth (from chemo)
Start testicular exams before age 20
Syphilis - hallmark sign painless chancre
Herpes zoster is an acute inflammation of the dorsal root ganglia causing localized, vascular skin lesions following a dermatome.
Herpes zoster AKA shingles
Herpes simplex I is a viral infection affecting the skin & mucus membrane, produces cold sores or fever blisters
Herpes simplex II effects: genital area causing painful clusters of small uncerations.Warts appear as rough, flesh or gray color skin projections.
Herpes initial sign burning or tingling on vulva, perineum or vagina
Viral hepitis TX complete bed rest with bathroom priviledges
condylomata acuminata is AKA genital warts; caused by HPV
genital warts puts pt at hi risk for cervical CA-pap test yearly
HPV human papillomavirus
sickle cell crisis TX oral and IV fluids
sickle cell crisis caused by red blood cells clumping to cause occlusion, ischemia and extreme pain
pyloric stenosis - after surgery NPO until wound heals & encourage parent involvement
fat emboli - may occur with fracture of long bones and pelvis
ss of fat embolis are cyanosis, dyspnea, tachycardia, chest pain, tachypnea, apprehension, restless, confused, petechiat, & Pa02
congenital hop dislocation use prone position w/hips abducted because abduction puts the femoral head into the acetabulim for correct alighment
acne vulgaris comes from an increase in hormones; growth of anaerobic bacteria and heredity
Comedonis black and white heads
Recent tonsillectomy ss of preopt hemorrhage is frequent swallowing
rheumatic fever need prophylactic antibiotics for over 5 years!
Burn patient low hematocrit from hemodiultion (when the concentration of erychrocytes & other blood elements are lowered by volumn overload
Amputation pt-above knee-when to start exercise on other leg: next day
Celiac DZ ss protuberant abdomen from fat stools, gas and undigested food
Celiac DZ diet no wheat, rye, oats, barley
Celiac-evaluate therapy by monitor size, appearence & # stools
hip replacement must prevent internal rotation of affected leg, also prevent adduction
Heberden's nodes are bony growths that occur at distal interphalangeal joints
Bochard's nodes are growths that involve the proximal interphalangeal joints
Tophi deposits of sodium urate crystals in cronic gout, (not osteoarthritis)
Romberg test assess cerebellar function
Phalen's test assess carpal tunned syndrome
Rinne test compares air & bone conduction in both ears to screen for or confirm hearing loss
Created by: jeanl