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Testing Vocabulary

Science STAAR terms

a small picture used as an example for something too big to see in real life model
to explain or tell about something describe
to hold contains
the same or close to the same similar
well-known; repeated; shared common
to do performing
to find out or determine calculate
a result or final statement conclusion
to set free; to let go released
to point out indicates
to show clearly; to give examples of demonstrates
to make or have been made formed
stays the same; does not change constant
to be exposed or come in contact with subjected
to be able to change back and forth reversible
to become hard again hardening
the arrangement of numbers based on the decimal point place value
an example of something or in place of something represent
made from 2 substances being mixed together produced
thought of considered
proof that something is true evidence
no charge neutral
to grow bigger or fill inflate
happening occurring
the least fewest
the most greatest
a guess of what will happen predicted
to organize in a way that repeats alternating
the way something is built structure
the center core
to be on every side surrounded
a picture to represent something diagram
to go past exceeded
comparing two things ratio
the smallest particle atom
the negatively charge part of an atom; in the electron cloud outside of the nucleus electrons
where electrons are found; first level holds 2 electrons, second holds 8, third holds 8 energy levels
have the same changes or reactions when mixed with other substances chemically similar
one type of atom; found on the Periodic Table elements
a vertical column of elements that have the same number of valence electrons and react the same way group
a horizontal row of elements that have the same number of shells period
the thing that makes a substance what it is properties
something on the inside that makes a substance what it is or react a certain way chemical
a quality of a substance that can usually be seen, heard, smelled or tasted physical
a change in speed or direction acceleration
being absorbed into the atmosphere evaporates
not equal unbalanced
mass times acceleration; measured in Newtons force
a change reaction
chemical formulas combined together to show a reaction equation
the large number in front of a chemical formula, applies to all elements in the formula coefficient
something that has been proven in science, accepted by most people law
the center of an atom, contains protons and neutrons, positively charged nucleus
two or more atoms combined molecule
a container for mixing substances; usually wider at the bottom and a narrow opening at the top flask
what is formed when 2 or more substances are mixed together forming a new substance solution
the average temperature inside of a room room temperature
the amount of space something takes up volume
the number of protons plus the number of neutrons in an atom atomic mass
changes when mixed with another substance reactive
electrons in the outside shell valence electrons
a change that makes a new substance and cannot go back to the old substance chemical change
a change that changes the appearance of a substance without changing what the substance is physical change
the small number to the right of a chemical formula, applies only to the element right before it. subscript
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