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LO1 Specialist Avian

Anatomy and Physiology of the bird

Name given to the tailbone of a bird Phygostyle
Where does mechanical digestion take place in birds The gizzard
What is the cloaca The common exit for the urinary, reproductive and digestive system
Name given to the voice box of a bird Syrinx
What skeletal adaptations allow the bird to fly Some bones are pneumatic Reduced number of bones Reduced bone density Some bones are fused and strengthened Network of bony braces Thinner Bones Some bones are hollow and contain air sacs Lightweight
What is the Chonae Located on the roof of the mouth. It is a slit that connects through some passages to the nostrils
What is the name given to the true stomach Proventriculus
Why are there two jugular veins in a bird So that severe twists of the head does not cut off the circulation
What does the avian Cardiovascular system consist of The avian heart, blood vessels and lymphatic system. Have the same purpose and function as other vertebrates. The avian heart is FOUR chambered and works similarly
What are feathers made up of Keratin
What is the function of the pectoral girdle composed of scapula, clavicle, coracoid on either side. These act as supports to protect against forces generated by wind
What is the keel Strengthened sternum
What bones make up the wings of a bird Humerus, Radius, Ulna, Aluna, Major Metacarpal
What are the functions of air sacs Aid in buoyancy Aid in respiration
What is the function of the Down feathers lie underneath the contour feathers and provide insulation
What is the function of the Primary feathers Long rigid feathers found in the tail and wings which assist with flight
What is the function of the Alula Caries a few feathers and is important for landing and taking off
What does counter current relate to This is when the vessels in the back legs run alongside each other for thermoregulation
What is h=the renal Portal System Second route by which blood moves from the back half of the body through the kidneys before returning to the heart.
What is the Uropygial Gland Located in some birds at the base of the tail, it is used to make the feathers waterproof. A preen gland which takes secretions via the birds beak to the feathers
What is the urinary waste product of birds Uric Acid
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