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Latin Vocab F

Latin Vocab

timēre to be scared
monēre to warn
intellegere to understand
legere to read
scribere to write
tangere to touch
confidere to trust
discere to learn
ostendere to show
relinquere (reliqui) to leave behind
dicere to say
incendere to set on fire
quaerere to ask/seek/ look for
repellere to push back
vincere to defeat
incipere to begin
audire to hear/listen
navigare to sail
habitare to live in
laborare to work
ambulare to walk
flagellare to whip
approbare to approve
debilitare to weaken
clamare to shout to owe to hide to advise against to laugh to burn to boil to lack/ be in want to be sluggish/ without energy tobein the open
errare to wander
cantare to sing
implorare to beg
eradicare to wipe out
debēre to owe
latēre to hide
dissuadēre to advise against
ridēre to laugh
ardēre to burn
fervēre to boil
indigēre to lack/ be in want
languēre to be sluggish/ without energy
patēre to be in the open