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Lesson 8 Words

Lessons 5,6,7 words and definitions

autograph to sign one's name or a signature
remembrance an object that keeps the memory of something alive
subsistence the minimum amount to sustain life
script the text of a play, movie, or broadcast
memorial a monument or statue built in memory of a person or an event
autobiography a self written life story
association a club, society, or organization of people with similar interests
decrease to make less, to become smaller
descend to come down, to go from a higher to a lower place
subside to go down, recede, settle, sink to a lower level
denominator the number below the line, or to the right of the line in a fraction
postscript a note added after ending a letter
scribe a person who wrote books by hand, a writer
geography the study of the features of the different places on the earth
prescription an order for medicine or other treatment
biography an account of someone's life, written by another person
subdue to bring under control, to quiet down, to conquer
paragraph a section of a piece of writing, dealing with one topic
sociologist a scientist who works in the area of sociology and studies groups of people
society people, human beings living and working as a group or a community
dejected downhearted, low in spirits, unhappy
antisocial unfriendly, not enjoying the company of others
memento an object that reminds one of a special time or place
demote to lower in rank or position, to move down or back
dissociate to break the ties between, separate from, stop associating with
commemorate to honor the memory of
memorandum a written or typed note to help someone remember something
subscription an order for, or a pledge to pay for, regular copies of publication, a group of plays, concerts, etc.
submerge to move, to be pushed underwater
subheading the title or heading for one section of an outline or paper
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