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Science Class

motion test

What is a reference point? a place or obect used for comparison to determine if something is in motion.
What is motion? is the state in which one objects distance from another is changing
What is the system of measurement that help scientists from all over the world communicate? the International System of Units (SI)
What is a meter? The basic SI unit of length.
What is speed? is the distance the object travels per unit of time.
What is the equation for speed? Speed=Distance/Time
What is average speed? the overall rate of speed at which an object moves; calculated by dividing the total distance an object travels by the total time.
What is instantaneous speed? the speed of an object at one instant of time.
What is velocity? the speed in a given direction
What is a slope? the steepness of a line on a graph
What is the equation for slope? Slope=Rise/Run
What is the equation for Distance? Distance=Speed X Time
What is acceleration? the rate at which velocity changes.
In Science, what does acceleration refer to? increasing speed, decreasing speed, or changing direction
How do you determine the acceleration of an object? you have to calculate the change in speed per unit of time.
What is the equation of acceleration? Final speed - Initial Speed/Time
The parts of earth's outer layer that move are called? plates
The rate at which velocity changes is called? acceleration
Figure out this example: A family takes a car trip. They travel for an hour at 80 km/h and then for 2 hours at 40 km/h. Find their average speed during the trip. Average Speed: 40 km/h
True or False: I f a train is slowing down, it IS accelerating. True
True or False: To find the acceleration of an object moving in a straight line, you must calculate the change in DISTANCE during each unit of time. False, Speed
True or False: A Ferric wheel turning at a constant speed of 5 km/h IS NOT accelerating. False
True or False: An airplane is flying west at 200 km/h. Its average occeleration is 100 km/h2. False, 50 km/h
__________ occurs when the velocity of an object changes. acceleration
When you say that a race car travels northward at 100 km/h, you are talking about its _________ velocity
What is the equation for Time? Time= Distance/Speed
Example: Speed= 32m/8s= 4 m/s
Example: A car travels 66 kilometers in 3 hours. What is its speed? 22 km/h
Example: Avwerage Speed-200km/5hr 40km/hr
Example: Suppose a car travels 60 kilometers the first two hours and 15 kilometers the next hour. What is the cars average speed? 25 km/h
Example: Suppose you ride your bicycle into the countryside on a bike path. You travel 6 kilometers the first hour, 3 kilometers the second hour, and 6 kilometers the htird hours. What is your average speed for the whole ride? 5 km/hr
Example: Acceleration=20m/s - 4m/s/4s 4 m/s2
Example: A cheetah acelerates from 2m/s to 16m/s in 7 seconds. What is the cheetahs average acceleration? 2m/s2
Example: A motorcycle accelerates from rest to 31m/s in 10 seconds. Find the motorcylces average acceleration. 3.1m/s
Created by: mshader