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DZ GEO Unit 8

had war with Iran (1980); invaded by U.S. in 2003 Iraq
was created out of Palestine; Jewish nation Israel
was once Ottoman Empire Turkey
started and lost 1967 war with Israel; it hurt their economy Jordan
only Turkey recognizes the northern 1/2 of this nation Cyprus
9/11 hijackers from there; big oil industry Saudi Arabia
center of P.L.O activities Lebanon
poorest nation in Arabian peninsula Yemen
good location on Mediterranean Seas, but recent Civil War is a mess Syria
growing problems with Israel and western world Iran
lifeless body of water; full of minerals Dead Sea
area divided up between Israel, Egypt, and Jordan Palestine
process that preserves water by letting precise amounts of water fall onto plants drip irrigation
P.L.O. stand for? Palestinian Liberation Organization
1977 Israel and Egypt peace agreement Camp David Accords
WMD stand for? Weapons of Mass Destruction
military codename for U.S. war vs. Iraq (1991) Operation Desert Storm
leader of Iraq until 2003 Saddam Hussein
why Israel is nervous about Iran today Iran developing nuclear weapons
who is Mahmad Amadinejad? leader of Iran
key resource in Middle East oil
process of removing salt from water desalination
2 million Muslims visit here each year Mecca
U.S. helped this nation in 1991 after Iraq invaded it Kuwait
O.P.E.C. stand for? Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
example of a Syrian city on Mediterranean with good farmland Damascus
led huge social changes (including women's rights) in Turkey Mustafa Kemal
Created by: dougzerjal