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Less 16 Vocab

AMOUNT も as many/much as
びっくりする to be surprised
(が)やける to burn
(に)うつる to move; spread
(が)つづく to continue
(を)あける to open
(を)しめる to close; shut
かかる to take; to cost
(に)とまる to stay over at
(が)とまる to stop
(を)てつだう to help with
おこる to get angry
わすれる to forget
(VERBて)しまう to do...completely; to do... unfortunately
とうろく registration
がいこく foreign country がいこくじんとうろく
きんじょ neighborhood
かじ fire
よなか middle of the night
(xの)ちかく near; close to
(xの)むこう the other side of x
じどうしゃ automobile
しょうぼう fire fighting
ひがい damage
げんいん cause
でんき light, electricty
ストーブ stove
ガス gas
アイロン iron
おふる bath
北海道 ほっかいどう 2nd largest island, in the north
本州 ほんしゅう The main island
四国 しこく 3rd largest island, in the south
九州 きゅうしゅう 4th largest island, in the south
石田 いしだ
木村 きむら
こわい scary
あぶない dangerous
しんせつ(な) kind, nice
すぐ(ちがく・そば) right near; very near
わりあい relatively
すう~ several
~がわ side
Created by: PandaPez