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Latin Nouns

fama -ae, f, rumor, report, fame, reputation
forma -ae, f, form, shape, beauty
fortuna -ae, f, fortune, luck
ira -ae, f, ire, anger
nauta -ae, m, sailor
patria -ae, f, fatherland, native land
pecunia -ae, f, money
philosophia -ae, f, philosophy
poena -ae, f, penalty, punishment
poeta -ae, m, poet
porta -ae, f, gate, entrance
puella -ae, f, girl
rosa -ae, f, rose
sententia -ae, f, feeling, thought, opinion
vita -ae, f, life, mode of life
venia -ae, f, favor, pardon
clementia -ae, f, clemency
turba -ae, f, crowd
ars artis, f, art
insania -ae, f, insanity, unsoundness
avaritia -ae, f, avarice
catena -ae, f, chain
rota -ae, f, wheel
ager -gri, m, field, farm
agricola -ae, m, farmer
amica -ae, f, friend (female)
amicus -i, m, friend (male)
femina -ae, f, woman
filia -ae, f, daughter (filiabus)
filius -ii, m, son
numerus -i, m, number
populus -i, m, the people, nation
puer -i, m, boy
sapientia -ae, f, wisdom
vir -i, m, man
libellus -i, m, little book
benevolentia -ae, f, benevolence
copia -ae, f, abundance
modus -i, m, moderation
basium -ii, n, kiss
bellum -i, n, war
consilium -ii, n, plan, counsel
cura -ae, f, care
donum -i, n, gift
exitium -ii, n, destruction
magister -tri, m, teacher
mora -ae, f, delay
nihil (x), n, nothing
oculus -i, m, eye
officium -ii, n, duty
otium -ii, n, peace, liesure
periculum -i, n, danger
remedium -ii, n, remedy
crustulum -i, n, cookie
amicitia -ae, f, friendship
adulescentia -ae, f, youth, young manhood, youthfulness
animus -i, m, soul, spirit, mind
caelum -i, n, sky, heaven
culpa -ae, f, fault, blame
gloria -ae, f, glory, fame
verbum -i, n, word
invidia -ae, f, dislike
supplicium -ii, n, punishment
aper -pri, m, boar, pig
conviva -ae, m, dinner-guest
exercitus -i, m, army
Persicus -i, m, Persian
sagitta -ae, f, arrow
Lacedaemonius -i, m, Spartan
umbra -ae, f, shade, shadow, ghost
inferi -orum, f, those below, the dead
dea -ae, f, god (female) (deabus)
deus -i, m, god (male) (di)
discipula -ae, f, pupil (female)
discipulus -i, m, pupil (male)
insidiae -arum, f pl, ambush, plot, treachery
liber -bri, m, book
tyrannus -i, m, absolute ruler, tyrant
vitium -ii, n, fault, crime, vice
Syracusanus -i, m, Syracusan
amor -is, m, love
carmen -minis, n, song, poem
civitas -atis, f, state, citizenship
corpus -poris, n, body
homo -minis, m, human being, man
labor -is, m, labor, work, toil, a work, production
littera -ae, f, a letter of the alphabet
litterae -arum, f pl of littera, literature
mos -oris, m, habit, custom, manner
nomen -minis, n, name
pax -acis, f, peace
regina -ae, f, queen
rex -egis, m, king
tempus -poris, n, time, occasion, opportunity
terra -ae, f, earth, ground, land, country
uxor -is, f, wife
virgo -ginis, f, maiden, virgin
virtus -utis, f, manliness, courage, excellence, character, worth, virtue
sol -is, m, sun
plebs -bis, f, the common people
princeps -cipis, m, chief, prince
honor -noris, m, honor, office
paries -etis, m, wall of a building
mors -rtis, f, death
natio -onis, f, nation
servitus -tutis, f, servitude
recuperatio -onis, f, recovery
libertas -tatis, f, liberty
mortalis -talis, m, a mortal
voluntas -tatis, f, will
Cicero -nis, m, Cicero
copiae -arum, f pl of copia, supplies, troopes, forces
frater -tris, m, brother
laus -udis, f, praise, glory, fame
ratio -nis, f, reckoning, account, reason, judgment, consideration, system, manner, method
scriptor -is, m, writer, author
soror -is, f, sister
victoria -ae, f, victory
error -roris, m, error
auctor -toris, m, author
Caesar -saris, m, Caesar
Agamemnon -nonis, m, Agamemnon
urbs -bis, f, city
schola -ae, f, school
causa -ae, f, cause
locus -i, m, place
morbus -i, m, disease, sickness
studium -ii, n, eagerness, zeal, pursuit, study
matrimonium -ii, n, marriage
palma -ae, f, palm branch of victory
orbis orbis, m, circle, orb
eventus eventus, m, outcome
frugalitas -tatis, f, frugality
paupertas -tatis, f, small means, poverty
excusatio -onis, f, excuse
cupiditas -tatis, f, desire, longing, passion, cupidity, avarice
hora -ae, f, hour, time
natura -ae, f, nature
senctus -tutis, f, old age
timor -is, m, fear
veritas -tatis, f, truth
via -ae, f, way, road, street
voluptas -tatis, f, pleasure
Musa -ae, f, Muse
corona -ae, f, crown
mors -rtis, f, death
occasio -onis, f, opportunity
fatum -i, n, fate
ordo -dinis, m, rank
obsequium -ii, n, compliance
odium -ii, n, hate
statua statuae, f, statue
leges pl, laws
iter itineris, n, road, way
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