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Back to School Rdng

A set of cards to help you learn the words for the Reading exam.

网闻 internet news
有趣 interesting
什么 what
最近 recently
上网 go on the net
设计 design
see (watch, read)
可以 can
网址 web address
她们 they
告诉 tell
will (can)
网页 web page
wait (etc)
有意思 interesting
觉得 think
虽然。。但是 even though...but
拍照片 take photos
排球队 volleyball team
东西 things
介绍 introduce
want (need)
除了。。以外 apart from....
参加 participate
妈妈 mum
开始 start
明天 tomorrow
可能 probably
聊天 chat
下次 next time
真的 really
忙得不可开交 busy as a bee
天天 everyday (daily)
学校 school
活动 activities
现在 now
work as
班长 class captain
上课 attend class
小提琴 violin
自己 oneself
每个 every
星期 week
交响乐团 orchestra (school band)
练习 practise
今年 this year
项目 program (items)
这些 these
听说 I heard (it is said)
好几个 a lot
下课 after class
找不到 can't find
传真 fax
measure word
只好 cannot but (can't be helped)
好几次 quite a few times
发不出去 cannot send
知道 know
为什么 why
电子邮件 email
今天 today
Created by: alrobinson
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