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Tox practice


Acetone breath odor is common with ASA,isoprophyl alcohol, methyl alcohol
Organophosphates exert their effect by stimulating the cholinergic nervous system
most common cause of death with TCA cardiac dysrythmias
Foxglove plant contains what and causes what cardiac glycoside/dysrhythmias
nitrates with sildenafil will cause sever hypostension
OD on ASA tx sodium bicarb
toxic affects on the liver from alcohol are coagulopathy, hypoglycemia, GI bleeds
once in the body 90% of inorganic lead accumalates in the bone
chemical burn irrigate with water
ethylene glycol lethal dose 0.2ml/kg
fieffenbachia plant is reffered to as dumb cane because ingestion can result in the pt being unable to speak
ecg finings for cocaine toxicity prolongation of the QT interval
Percodan causes resp depression, slow weak pulse, pinpoint pupils
exposure to sarin and tabun causes SLUDGE effects
lead poisoning causewhat hematologic problems anemia
unlike effects of cocaine, methamphetamines last much longer
what intervention is influenced by the amount of time that has elapsed with OD tx gastric lavage
Black widow causes rigid ABD and sever muscle spasms
iron toxicity causes hematemesis
lithium toxicity would most likely occur in a pt who is taking NSAID's
delirium tremens begin how many hours after the last alcohol intake 48-72
brown recluse spider may not result in immediate symptoms but generally present as painful reddened area with an overlying blister
OD on valium TX flumazenil
the toxic chemical in castor beans is ricin
lead poisoning signs irratability, HTN, abd pain
patients with delirium tremens often experience hallucininations
cyanide blocks the utilization of oxygen at the cellular level by combining with cytochrome oxidase
cardiac arrest following narcotic OD is usually the result of respiratory arrest
death from acetaminophen OD is most often caused by progressive liver failure
hyperapnea and tachapnea associated with methyl alcohol intoxication is secondary to an elevated blood ph
the most common and reliable sign of a pit viper envenomation is rapidly developing edema around the bite area
recommended dose of narcan for a unresponsive and hypoventilating pt is 2mg SIVP until respirations improve
crack is a combination of cocaine, baking soda and water
what toxin is most toxic when absorbed through the skin pesticides
most ingested poisons will cause nausea vomitting
first priority when dealing with a pt who may have OD is to request law enforcement
with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, carbon monoxide is typically eliminated from the body within 15-20 mins
Meperidine is a narcotic
patient gone wil needs IM haloperidol
OD on barbituate more than an hour ago TX activated charcoal
arsenic poisoning metallic taste, explosive diarrhea and skin rash
methyl alcohol also known as wood alcohol and is present in paints, paint remover, windshield washer fluid and varnishes
Gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB) is most commonly used to faccilitate sexual assault
Tricyclic antidepressants may producce toxic effects with even minimal dosing errors
Types of TCA's aventyl,sinequan,tofranil
OD of TCA's s/s AMS and tachycardia
severe salicylate toxicity produces metabolic acidosis
when chlorine gas comes in contact with the bodys m,ucous membranes it forms hydrochloric acid
OD on acetaminophen <24 hrs s/s malaise, nausea and loss of appetite
a sign of severe barbituate withdrawl hallucinations
pts with alcoholism are prone to subdural hematomas and GI bleeding because their blood clotting mechanisms are impaired
Cyanide posioning TX O2,amyl nitrate, sodium thiosulfate
fluid refractory hypotension following barbituate OD is TX with dopamine
unlike acid burns, alkali burns require longer irrigation with water because alkalis are less water soluble
Paroxetine antidepressant med with the highest safety margin
Hymenoptera family of insects includes ___ which usually causes death secondary to yellow jackets/anaphylaxis
most pit viper bites are inflicted by the rattlesnake
early signs of MAOI od include nstagmus, tachycardia, hyperactivity
carboxyhemoglobin is hemoglobin combined with carbon monoxide
a person who is speedballing is using cocaine in combination with heroin, either by injection them underneath the skin or directly into the vein in order to regulate the high
spray paints and lacquer thinner contain__ and typically cause ___ when the are inhaled recreationally tolunen, hallucinations and mania
poisoning with clostridium botulinum is a result of improper food storage or canning
toxicity of carbon monoxise arises from its affinity for hemoglobin in red blood cells
the bioavailabilty and excretion rate of a toxin are influenced most by the amount of toxin and the relative speed at which it is metabolized
when heroin passes thru the liver it is metabolized into acetyl-morphine which continues to exert narcotic eddects that may outlast the effects of naloxone
psychological dependence the emotional state of craving a drug to maintian a feeling of well being
ingested ethylene glycol 6hrs ago presents with slurred speech and ataxia
management for an ingested posion focuses on neutralizing the posion in the stomach
atypical of an alcoholic chronically pale face and palms
venom from a pit viper causes local tissue necrosis, neuromuscular dysfunction and increased vascular permeability
inhaled toxins quickly reach the alveoli and rapidly gain acess to the circulatory system
Pamelor may cause QRS widening
major issue for pts taking MAOI is they have a high potential for lethal drug interactions
TX for a black widow spider opiods, benzodiazepines, calcium gluconate
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