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drug cards

adenosine (generic) adenocard (trade)
albuterol (generic) proventil (trade)
amiodarone (generic) cordarone (trade)
diazepam (generic) valium (trade)
diphenhydramine (generic) benadryl (trade)
dopamine (generic) intropin (trade)
fentanyl (generic) sublimaze (trade)
ipratropium bromide (generic) atrovent (trade)
methylprednisolone (generic) solu-medrol (trade)
midazolam (generic) versed (trade)
naloxone (generic) narcan (trade)
nitroglycerine (generic) nitrostat (trade)
norepinephrine (generic) levophed (trade)
ondansetron (generic) zofran (trade)
promethazine (generic) phenergan (trade)
terbutaline (generic) brethine (trade)
adenosine indication SVT
albuterol indication wheezing, copd
amiodarone indication v-fib, v-tac
aspirin indication cardiac chest pain
atropine indication bradycardia, organophosphate poisonings
calcium chloride indication calcium channel blocker overdose
dextrose 50% indication hypoglycemia
diazepam indication seizures
benadryl indication allergic reaction
dopamine indication cardiogenic shock
epi 1:1,000 indication allergic reaction
epi 1:10,000 indication all cpr
fentanyl indication pain
glucagon indication hypoglycemia
oral glucose indiaction hypoglycemia
atrovent indication bronchoconstriction
lidocaine indication v-tac, pvc, v-fib
magnesium sulfate indication polymorphic v-tac (torsads)
solu-medrol indication steroid for inflammation
versed indication seizures
morphine indication pain
narcan indication narcotic overdose
nitroglycerine indication cardiac chest pain
levophed indication cardiogenic shock
zofran indication nausea/vomiting
phenergan indication nausea/vomiting
sodium bicarbonate indication acidosis
tetracaine indication eye injurie/irritation
terbutaline indication bronchoconstriction
adenosine dose 6,12,12mg ivp rapid
albuterol dose 2.5mg/3ml ns nebulizer
amiodarone dose v-fib= 300mg ivp v-tac w/pulse= 150mg over 10min
aspirin dose 160-325mg po
atropine dose bradycardia= 0.5mg ivp organophosphate poisonings=2-5mg ivp
calcium chloride dose 10-15mg/kg ivp
dextrose 50% dose 25-50mg ivp
diazepam dose 2-10mg ivp
benadryl dose 25-50mg ivp
dopamine dose 2-10mcg/kg/min ivdrip
epi 1:1,000 dose 0.3-0.5mg sq
epi 1:10,000 dose 1mg ivp
fentanyl dose 50-100mcg or 1-3mcg/kg ivp
glucagon dose 1mg im
oral glucose dose 1-2 tubes
atrovent dose 0.5mg/2.5ml ns nebulizer
lidocaine dose 1mg/kg ivp
magnesium sulfate dose 1-2g iv or im
solu-medrol dose 125-250mg ivp
versed dose 2.5-5mg or 0.1-0.3mg/kg ivp
morphine dose 2-10mg ivp
narcan dose 0.4-2mg ivp
nitroglycerine dose 0.4mg sl
levophed dose 8-12mcg/min ivpb
zofran dose 4-8mg ivp
phenergan dose 12.5-25mg ivp
sodium bicarbonate dose 1meq/kg ivp
tetracaine dose 1-2 drops
terbutaline dose 0.25mg sq
Created by: nickb1227