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convey verb:too communicate impart to make know
functional adj:performing or un able to preform a regular function
vistas noun:volunteer in service to america
progressed verb:to develop a higher or better or more advanced stage
sizable noun:a sizable amount or numbers
acquire to gain ssomething:verb
painstaking noun:showing or involingcare or effort
emulate verb:to try to excel
dormant adj:lying asleep or faking
corridor adj:a passage in which several rooms or apartment open
feigned adj:to pretend
engrossing fully occupying the or attention
succeeding next
principally chiefy, mainly
outraged noun:the anger resentment or insult or injury
articulate adj:using language easy
inevitable adj:incapable of being avoided or evaded
ego distinguishing itsself from
contenders competor
optimism to expect the most favorable out come
elapsed the passage or terination of a period of time
intimidating to make timid fill with fear
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