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Russia 9th Grade

Moscow largest city in Europe (15 million people); capital of Russia
Trans Siberian Railroad
Czars Title of the rulers of Russia from 1547
Oblast a large region or administrative district similar to a state or providence
St. Petersburg largest port city/ 2nd largest city in Russia (5 million people)
Novosibirsk largest city in Siberia (1.5 million people)
Cyrillic Russian orthodox Slavic alphabet
Hill of Crosses Place where Roman Catholics who were opposed to the soviet union atheistic government would place crosses. In Lithuania
Mount Elburus highest mountain among the mountains on the southern border
Vladimir Lenin led Russian revolution in 1917, and executed last czar in 1918
Federation Assembly the legislature
Don River associated with black earth region
Kuril Islands extend in a chain from the Kamchatka Peninsula to Japan. Disputed territory between Russia and Japan
Mount Klyuchevskaya Siberia’s highest peak
Serfs farm laborers attached to land, few could read or write
Lake Baykal Deepest lke in the world
CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) formed to retain economic tie among the former soviet states by Yeltsin
Cossacks Independent nomads who live on the Don River drainage basin and are known for living on steppes (Russian grasslands)
Bering Strait body of water that separates Russia and USA
Siberia all of Asian Russia east of the Urals
Ural Mountains Forms a geographic border between Europe and Asia
How many czars rules Russia before the revolution? 24
Longest river in Europe Volga
Siberia’s largest port Vladivostok
Last czar of Russia Nicholas II
Major Religions of Russia Christian, Islamic, Buddhist, Jewish, Atheism
Created by: Crayford