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SOL 3.6


An ecoystem is _______. a community of plants and animals
An organism is a ____________-. living thing.
population the number of one type of organism that lives in an area. ex. just raccoons
community all the animals and plants that live in the same place. Ex. trees, rabbits, birds, squirrels
4 terrestrial (land) ecosystems forest, rainforest, grasslands, and desert
6 aquatic(water) ecosystems oceans, rivers, ponds, lakes, marshes, swamps
If an animal is taken away from an ecosystem then the other animals _____________ will be affected.
rainforest. wet, warm, most plants and animals live here,organisms compete for sun and space
desert. dry, organisms compete for water
grassland. flat open areas of grasses and a few trees
forest. lots of trees and climate changes with the seasons.
What is the difference between deciduous and evergreen forests? Deciducus trees lose their leaves and evergreens don't.
ocean large body of salt water
river water moves from high to low areas
marshes shallow water with grasses
pond and lakes water with land around them pond is smaller than a lake
swamps water that doesn't move very much, trees grow in swamps
Created by: cparks3