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JB Topic Kanji

Read, pronounce and know the meaning

昭和時代 しょうわじだい Showa Era 1926-1989
平成時代 へいせいじだい Heisei Era 1989-present
第二次世界大戦 だいにじ せかいたいせん WWW2
文学 ぶんがく Literature
日本国憲法 にほんこくけんぽう Japanese Constitution, enacted on May 3, 1947
天皇 てんのう Emperor
経済 けいざい Economy
政治 せいじ Politics
Level 4 原爆 げんばく Atomic Bomb, dropped in Hiroshima 8/6/1945 Nagasaki 8/9/1945
関東大震災 かんとうだいしんさい Great Kanto earthquake 9/1/1923 7.9M Epicenter, off the coast of Tokyo
東日本大震災 ひがしにほん だいしんさい Great East Japan earthquake 3/11/2011 9.0M Epicenter, off the coast of Tohoko region
阪神大震災 はんしんだいしんさい Great Hanshin earthquake 1/17/1995 6.8M Epicenter, Awaji Island, Japan (near Kobe)
円高 えんだか Strong Yen - since the economy of Japan is highly dependent on exports, this can cuase Japan to fall into an economic recession
Created by: frvanila