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English IV

Unit 2 Vocabulary

Accost- (v.) To approach and speak first; to confront in a challenging way
Animadversion- (n.) A comment showing strong criticism
Avid- (adj.) Desire of something to the point of greed; greedy
Brackish- (adj.) Salty taste and unpleasant to drink
Celerity- (n.) Swiftness; quickness
Devious- (adj.) Wandering from a straight direct course; act or do in a shifty or underhanded way
Gambit- (n.) Any opening move; in chess, an opening move that risks a minor piece for small benefit
Halcyon - (n.) Legendary bird, identified with kingfisher (adj.) Calm, peacful, golden, and happy
Histrionic- (adj.) Theatrical; melodramatic; acting like actors
Incendiary- (adj.) Cause of fire; stir up rebellion (n.) A person who sets fire on purpose
Malestrom- (n.) Huge, violent whirlpool
Myopic- (adj.) Doesn't look ahead; nearsighted; shortsighted
Overt- (adj.) Open; not hidden; easily recognized
Pejorative- (Adj.) Making it worse; Expressing disapproval
Propriety- (n.) Proper; appropriateness (pl.) Socially acceptable
Sacrilege- (n.) disrespectful treatment of a sacred icon
Summarily- (adv.) Without delay; quickly; briefly
Suppliant - (adj.) Asking humbly (n.) A petitioner; suitor
Talisman- (n.) An object that serves as a charm or believed to have magical power; amulet
Undulate- (v.) To move like a wave
The _______ scientist didn't yet realize the dangers of cheating death. Myopic
In 1984, as a child, Winston was so ______ with food that he even stole his sister's chocolate Avid
Knowing that his test is tomorrow, Chase began studying with _______. Celerity
If you drink the _______ water, you will get sick. Brackish
Trying to reach his class quickly, Jason talks _______ with his friends. summarily
If you ask nicely like a ________, the teacher can give a bathroom pass. suppliant
A _________ student wants to start a fight with Lucius. pejorative
Jack sees the water, _______ on the horizon. Undulating
Based on your parents' ______, you must wear a good dress for the wedding. Propriety
_______, Carmicheal tells everyone about his secret thoughts and desires. Overt
Audience sees ________ actors, acting dramatically in the play, "Romeo and Juliet". Histrionic
A ______ day is described with a beautiful sun, green grass, singing birds, and blue sky. Halcyon
The critic's __________ of her painting made Julia cry. animadversion
What is another word for incendiary (n.) ? Arsonist
What is the synonym for gambit? Ploy, strategem, ruse, and maneuver
What word is similar to overt? Clear, obvious, manifest, patent
What is ameliorative, an antonym for pejorative? To make better
The lawyer ______ the convict with reproachful questions about his background. accosts
What is alacrity, the synonym of celerity? Eagerness; wanted to
What is strategem, a synonym for gambit? Plan to decieve an enemy
Iago's _________ tricked Othello as his friend, instead of a villian. Strategem
If you take a _____ route out of the interstate, you may get lost. Devious
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