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negligence is.
malfeasance is.
malpractice is
what are the 4 D's of negligence
What does duty of care mean?
Data, such as birth and death dates, are used by the government to
Public duties for the physician include reporting
The live birth certificate must be signed by the
A death certificate must include the
A coroner or medical examiner must sign the death certificate of the deceased when
Laws regulating employment relationships, recruitment, placement, pay plans, benefits, penalties, and terminations are based primarily on
Employment-at-will allows the
Title VII protects employees from what?
Sexual harassment includes what
The employer assumes responsibility for employees through the doctrine of
Dereliction means what
Direct cause happens when
A coroner is considered a public health officer who holds an investigation if death is from an unknown or violent cause. True OR False
Some states impose criminal penalty if a birth and death certificate are not handled correctly. True OR False
A funeral cannot take place until
A communicable disease is/can be
Controlled drugs must follow several rules what are they?
Elder abuse is defined as
Battered child syndrome is sometimes used by healthcare professionals to describe a series of injuries, including fractures, bruises, and burns, done to children by a caregiver or parents. True OR False
FDA stands for
As a health professional respecting religious beliefs of others is difficult and We do not have to acknowledge them or respect them. True OR False
Ethics should be described as
The purpose of law is to
We have to be aware that we live in an ____________ society
The result of breaking a criminal law may be
The person being sued in a court of law is the
This theory extends equal pay requirements to all persons who are doing equal worth.
Sexual Harassment and gender harassment are a very serious issue, and can not only occur with opposite genders but, also the same gender. True or False
Medical practice acts are established in all 50 states True or False
An expert witness is considered to have
What must be present that will allow a state to grant licensure
The medical practice acts are established by the
Requirements for medical licensure may include
A group practice must have at least how many physicians to be considered a group
Prognosis means
In a managed care organization, financial risk is shared by the
The written statement in which people state the type of and amount of care they wish to receive during a terminal illness and as death is near is known as
a durable power of attorney means
prudent person rule means what
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