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Pharmacology NUR300

Agonists drugs? activate receptors, mimic actions of molecules
Antagonists block receptor activation
Cholinergic receptors mediate response to acetycholine
Adrenergic receptors mediate responses to epinephrine and norepinephrine
nicotinic N ANS ganglia
Nicotinic M NM junction
muscarinic sweat glands, blood vessels, prostate, bladder, male sex organs
Alpha 1 eye, skin arterioles, prostate, bladder, male sex organs
Alpha 2 presynaptic nerve terminals
Beta 1 heart, kidney
Beta 2 arterioles of heart, lungs, skeletal muscles, liver, uterus
Dopaminergic Kidney
Muscarinic Agonists bradycardia, sweating, salivation, bronchial secretions, constriction of bronchi, constriction of the pupil (miosis), contraction of the ciliary muscle (near vision), increase tone of GI smooth muscle, diarrhea
Bethanecol uses? Urinary retention not caused by blockage
Bethanecol side effects? diarrhea, hypotension, decrease HR, salivation, exacerbate asthma
Pilocarpine uses? glaucoma, dry mouth
Pilocarpine side effects? retinal detachment, excessive sweating
Muscarinic antagonists Increase HR, decrease secretion, relaxation of bronchi, constipation, pupil dilation (mydriasis)
Atropine uses? bradycardia, eye surgery, severe diarrhea, pathanocol overdose
atropine side effects dry mouth, blurred vision, increase IOP, urinary retention, constipation, anhidrosis, tachycardia, bronchial plugging in asthma
Oxybutynin (Ditropan)uses? overactive bladder
Oxybutynin side effects? puridisis, confusion
Cholinesterase Inhibitors blockage of the enzyme responsible for breaking down ACh, increase nicotinic effects and muscarinic effects
Neostigmine uses? myasthenia gravis, increase ACh in neuromuscular junctions, MUSCLE STIMULATION
Neostigmine side effects RESPIRATORY FAILURE,
Edrophonium (Tensilon) uses? diagnose MG, myasthenic crisis or cholinergic crisis
neuromuscular blockers block nicotinic M receptors on skeletal muscles, relaxes skeletal muscle
Succinylcholine uses? paralytic
Alpha 1 mydriasis and vasoconstriction
Alpha 2 CNS-reduction in sympathetic outflow to th eheart and blood vessels
Beta 1 increase HR, frouce of myocardial contraction, enhance impulse conduction through the AV node
Beta 2 promotes bronchodilation in asthma, relaxes smooth muscle in uterus
Dopamine receptor renal perfusion
Epinephrine uses? anaphylaxis, cardiac arrest, superficial bleeding, bronchodilation
Epinephrine side effects? hypertension, dysrhythmias, chest pain, tissue neocrosis, increase blood glucose
Dopamine uses? shock, heart failure, promotes cardiac and renal performance
Alpha 1 blocking hypotension and reduced contration of bladder smoth muscle and prostate
Doxazosin (Cardura)/ Tamsulosin (Flomax)(-OSIN)uses? Hypertension, BPH
Doxazosin (Cardura)/Tamsulosin (Flomax) (-OSIN)side effects hypotension, impotence
Phenotolamine (Regitine) uses? hypertension, prevention of tissue neocrosis
Phenotolamine (Regitine) side effects? hypotension
Beta blockers angina, HTN, dysrhythmias, HF, stage fright, glaucoma
Adverse side effects of beta1 blockers bradycardia, reduced CO, HF, rebound cardiac excitation
Adverse side effects of beta2 blockers bronchoconstriction, hypoglycemia
Propanolol (-OLOL, -ILOL)uses HTN, angina, dysrhythmias
Propanolol side effects bradycardia, reduced CO, HF, stage fright, glaucoma, bronchoconstriction, hypoglycemia, fatigue, impotence
Metoprolol (Lopressor/Toprol), Atenolol (Temormin)uses? HTN, angina, dysrhythmias
Metoprolol (Lopressor/Toprol), Atenolol (Temormin) side effects? bradycardia, HF, impotence, fatigue
Centrally acting alpha 2 agonists HTN, decrease release of NE
Clonidine (Catapress)uses? HTN, severe cancer pain
Clonidine (Catapress) side effects? impotence, nightmares, anxiety, depression, drowsiness, rebound hypertension
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