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Across five april6-7


One injured or killed in an accident Casualty
To reduce in grade or rank Demoted
Agonizing pain Anguish
Land with a soft muddy surface Quagmire
Embarrassment ; humiliation Chagrin
Easily deceived Gullibility
To fill with dread Dismayed
A tough or rowdy person Ruffians
Bitter meanness Spite
Free from agitation ; peaceful Tranquil
Honesty ,uprightness ; honor Integrity
A long narrow pillow or cushion Bolstering
To make feeble or weak Enfeebled
To grow well , thrive ; succeed Flourish
An act intended to deceive or trick Hoax
Menacing threatening Ominous
Resistant to infection Immunity
Firm ; strong Tenacious
A desire to harm others or to see others suffer Malice
Not apt or fitting inappropriate ; lacking judgement or sense ; foolish Integrity
Created by: Laurelbmann