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Psy Ch2 Dewey

Psy Ch 2 Dewey

hypothesis a tentative assumption or an educated guess that is often based on some previous research
variable any condition or behavior that can change in amount or in quality
independent variable is controlled and manipulated by the experimenter to determine how it affects the dependent variable
dependent variable this changes in response to the independent variable
random having an equal chance of being selected
experimental group psychologist call the group in which the condition under study is present
control group the group in which the condition is not present
theory a general principle, based on information, to explain what has been learned
subject is the organism, human or animal, participating in an experiment
anthropomorphism attributing human characteristics to nonhuman beings
hypnosis an unusual state of consciousness that has some features in common with sleep
parapsychology is concerned with psychological phenomena that are to the side of, or go beyond, the main area of psychological knowledge and interest
prefix "para-" "to the side of" or "beyond"
psychokinesis (PK) is the study of experiences in which the thought of an individual is said to influence the performance of some physical object or events; one of the areas that particularly interests parapsychologist
Extrasensory perception this investigates experiences in which knowledge appears to be gained independently of the known senses
Extrasensory means.... "outside the senses" or "apart from the senses"
Telepathy defined as the transfer of thought from one person to another without the use of the senses
Psychhologist use these various methods when studing behavior natural observation, directed observation, the case study method, interviews, questionaires and testing
The most frequent method for studying behavior is... experimental method
This method allows the researchers to control conditions and draw conclusions on the effect of one variable on another experimental method
hypnois has some practical uses such as... reduces pain, treat some behavior disorders, locate lost articles
5 guidelines that researchers keep in mind to study behavior 1. behavior being studied must be measurable 2. methods and data must be objective 3. procedures must be repeatable 4. must be able to communicate results 5. must use organized and systematic approach in gathering data
An experiment usually begin with a ... hypothesis
hypothesis sometimes stated as .... if...then form
hypothesis always states a relationship... between two or more variables
advantages to usings animals as subject are 1.the beh can be controlled to an extent not possible with humans 2.many have fairly short life span-they reproduce at rapid rates..you can study the beh of several generations within a short period 3.some experiments can be performed onanimals&notonhuman
Hypnosis is an unusual state of... consciousness
Hypothesis has some features in common with.. sleep, the feeling just before you fall asleep or wake up
Hypnosis is not the same as sleep because .. normal sleep is not open to the power of suggestion and you are generally not aware of what is going on around you
Hyponosis is very open to ... suggestion
Instruments used in hypnosis are light, sound, objects
the purpose of these instruments are to give a focus point for attention
when no mechanical aid is used then what? they rely on the spoken word encouraging the subject to consentrate on a specific thought
All hyponotic techniques involve the ... the narrowing of attention so that subjects are aware only of what is being said to them
Hypnosis works on most who are willing and can concentrate, young kids are not good subjects
Hynotized people can tell the difference between suggested and real pain
Practical uses of hypnosis are treating pain, discomfort, chemical anesthetic,
Created by: deweykbellaire