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Latin Midterm-Cult.

Roman Mythology, Beleifs, Theater, Houses

What does is mean to say that the Romans were polytheistic? They believe in many gods
Minor deities were nymphs, or _____ _______, and dryads, or ____ ______. Water spirits, tree nymphs
Major gods were referenced to as the _________ because they dweled on top of _____ _________. There were never more than __. Olympians, Mount Olympus, 12
Greeks and Romans named _______ after some of these major gods. Planets
Goddess of the Hunt Diana
God of Prophecy Apolo
Wife of Zeus, queen of heaven and the stars, goddess of marriage and fertility Juno
Blacksmith of the gods Vulcan
Sun god Sol
Ruler of mount Olympus, sky god Jupiter
God of the underworld Pluto
God of War Mars
God of the seas, rivers and springs Neptune
God of agriculture and wine Bacchus
Goddess of love and beauty Venus
______ and __________ were closed when there was a play playing in the theater stores and businesses
Plays were not performen every day in Pompeii byt only at _________. Festivals
There was ____ admission in the theater. Free
People left _____ in the _________ to go to the theater. Early in the morning
Did slaves go to the theater? Yes
Officials had ________ _____ at the front of the theater. (The best for the most important people) Reserved Seats
The Open Air theter could seat over _____ people. 5000
Odeon Smaller, more elegant theater
Cavea Seating area
Scaena Stage
Scaena frons Building behind the stage w/ 3-5 doorways and was decorated w/ columns.
The seating of the theater was in what shape? Semicircle
Was the theater flat or sloped? Sloped
The Odeon _______ the theater. Agioned
The theater was modeled from _____ ________. Greek theaters
Orchestra Horseshoe-shape and provided seating for important officials
What was behind the stage of the theater? What was it called? Building that was called;scaena frons
All expenses of the theater were paid by a _______ ______. Why? What were paid for? Wealthy citizen- To gain political popularity which would be useful in elections-Actors, scenerary, producer, costumes
The performances at the theater were a ______ __ _____ Series of plays
The plays at the theater were ___ ___. All day
At the thearer, A _____ ______ ______ was suspended over the people to give shade. Large canvas awning
Between plays at the theater, _______ _____ would be sprinkled by attendants. Scented water
At the theater, the orchastra would consist of what instruments? Lyre, double pipes, trumpet, castanets
What is the most popular type of play at the theater? What does it consist of? Pantomome-Mixture of opera and ballet
Certain plays that were played at the theater were _____ myths. Greek
Who were the actors? Were they dispised or admired? Slaves or freedmen-admired
There were _____ one-act plays after longer plays in the theater. Short
The town of Pompeii was built on what? Low hill of volcanic rock
Pompeii covered ___ acres. 163 acres
Pompeii was sorounded by a ____. Wall
Pompeii was colse to the mouth of a _____ _____. Small river
Pompeii is one of many _____. Towns
Pompeii is near the ______. Harbor
_ ____ _______ cross the center of Pompeii Two main roads
Streets in Pompeii were constructed of what? Volcanic Stone
Streets ran in ________ lines to form ______. Paralell blocks
There were many _____ on the main streets in Pompeii shops
Where was the main shoping area? In the forum
Many _________ _____ of people lived in Pompeii. What are some nationalities? Different kinds of people-Roman, greek, african, jews, syrians, spianards
Pompeii was not that _____ and to travel by ___ was conveinent. Large, sea
There was a huge __________ and ________ life in Pompeii Commercial and cultural
Tombs were placed by the ____ of the _____ just outside _____. Side of the roads, towns
Some toombs were _____, others ______. Grand, simple
What was inside a toomb? Chest or vase containing ashes, sometimes recesses on the walls
_________ was the normal way of disposing the dead. Cremation
They would build ceremonies along ____ _____. Busy roads
Beieved that if the dead were not properly treated, their _____ would _____ the living and maybe do ____. Ghost,haunt,hurt
The dead would continue the __________ of life and therefore needed what? Activities-the things they would need.If woman, jewlery
The dead that their __________ bueried with them. Posessions
____ was also offered because ghosts were thougut to be...what? Food-hungry and thirsty
What was the favored drink of the dead? Wine
At funerals, _______ were sacrificed. Animals
Toombs were often _________. Decorated
A _______ was held after a funeral or anniverary of the death, sometimes in a room attached to the _____ itself. Banquet, toomb
How many festivals of the dead were celebrated each year? What was the purpose? 2- To remember, get rid of unwanted ghosts
_____ myths also were remembered about the after life. Greek
Only a few people did not believe in the customes of the dead,who were called__________. Epicurueans
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