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DFV January 3, '05


Io (turned into what?) Cow
Leda ( Zeus was a ___) swan
Mercury's mom Maia
Ganymede (abducted by what animal) eagle
labyrinth (what) maze
Daedalus built wings to escape maze
Simile caught fire in Zeus' glory
Sewed onto Zeus' thigh (who) simile's son Bacchus
Thesus killed minotaur
Ariadne helped thesus, he abandoned her
Callisto (turned into what?) bear, Ursa major
Ursa Minor (Who) callistos son, Arcus
twins born from egg (2 sets) Pollux+ Castor, Helen+Clytemnestra
Icarus Daedalus' son, fell into ocean wings melted
7 sisters ( other name) Pleadis
who killed Medusa? Perseus
How did Perseus find Medusa? Graiae- shared one eye & tooth, Medusa's relatives
Narcissus (who) loved his reflection
Who did Narcissy spurn? Echo
What was Narcissy turned into? Narcissus flower
Who was sacrificed to Minotaur? (country) Athenians
Zeus arrived to Europa as ____ white bull
what strait did zeus and Europa cross? Bosporos Strait
100 eyed monster Argus
Phaiton (who?) caught stuff on fire with sun chariot and zeus hit him with lightening bolt
Andromedia ( what happened?) sacrificed to sea monster by mom
Andromedia (saved by?) Perseus
Phaiton's sisters tears turned into what? amber
Phaiton's sisters turned into what trees? poplar
Acteon turned into a deer by Diana
Danae (Zeus as _____) shower of gold
latin for trees Arbores
Latin for shield aegis
IO is related to what goddess Isis
IO ended up in____? country Egypt
What is Medusa? Gorgon
Who turned Arachne into a spider? Minerva
why did Minerva turn Arachne into a spider? Arachne lost the weaving contest
how did Perseus kill his grandfather? hit him in head with discus on accident
who was Danae's son? Perseus
how did Perseus kill Medusa? he was "invisible" and saw her reflection in shield
who was the most beautiful Pleiades? Maia Mercury's mom
who was the Icarian sea named after? Icarus (he fell into it)
who is Phaiton's dad? Helios
Created by: Katylaine



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