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VS- or vital signs

Temperture, Pulse, Resp, and BP

What are vital signs? Temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure and pain (the fifth vital sign).
What is body temperature? The difference between the amount of heat produced by the body and the amount of heat lost to the environment measured in degrees.
What is afebrile? A normal body temperature or without fever.
What is febrile? A person with a fever.
What is pyrexia? Fever is an increase above normal (98.6 F)in body temperature.
What is radiation? The transfer of heat from the surface of a warmer object to a cooler object without direct contact.
What is conduction? The transfer of heat to another object by direct contact.
What is convection? The transfer of heat by motion between to areas of unequal density.
What is evaporation? The conversion of liquid to a vapor.
What is a peripheral pulse? A throbbing sensation that can be palpated over a peripheral artery.
What is bradycardia? A pulse rate below 60 beats/minute in an adult.
What is dysrhythmia? An irregular pattern in heartbeats.
What is a thready pulse? Pulsation not easily felt and slight pressure causes it to disappear.
What is a bounding pulse? The pulsation is strong and does not disappear with moderate pressure
What is a pulse deficit? A difference between the apical and radial rates.
What is Dyspnea? Difficult or labored breathing.
What is orthopnea? Dyspnecic people can often breathe more easily in an upright position.
What is pulse pressure? The difference between the systolic and diastolic pressure.
What is blood pressure? The force of the moving blood against arterial walls.
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