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Yellow 6

Protagonist THIS is the main character of a drama or story.
Pun/Word Play THIS is a play on words, usually for humor.
Realistic Fiction THESE stories have imaginary characters and made up events that seem like people and events we would find in real life and in real situations.
Rhythm THIS is the arrangement of syllables in a line of poetry that makes a particular sound or beat, as in music.
Round Character THIS is usually fully developed by the author. THEY usually learn, grow, or deteriorate by the end of the story. They are usually not the most interesting.
Satire THIS literary work attacks human foolishness by making fun of it through irony and wit.
Science Fiction THIS genre explores the question, "What if?" It deals with scientific topics, space travel, and aliens.
Second Person Point of View THIS refers to the use of "you" in narrations, explanations, or arguments. Most occur with instructions that are meant to be followed.
Sensory Language THIS helps readers see, hear, taste, feel, or smell what an author is describing,.
Sequence THIS is the following of one thing after another in a certain order.
Setting THIS refers to the time, place, and physical details in which the events of a story occur.
Short Story THIS is a brief work of fiction.
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