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Yellow 3

Fiction THIS is a made-up story.
Figurative Language/Figures of Speech THIS is understood imaginatively. It is not true.
First Person Point of View The person telling the story is one of the characters in the story. It is the "I" point of view.
Flashback THESE are used to present events that happened earlier than the current time in a story.
Flat Character THEY do not go through much change. They are not usually developed and not described in important detail.
Folk Tale THESE stories were told over and over and passed from generation to generation until they were finally written down. They were "tales" told by regular "folks".
Foreshadowing THIS provides clues in a story that hint at what is to happen at the end or later in the text.
Genre THIS refers to the category or type of book or story.
Historical Fiction THIS blends actual historical facts with fiction.
Hyperbole THIS is a figure of speech in which the truth is exaggerated for humorous effect.
Idiom THESE are phrases that mean something different from the literal meaning of the words.
Indirect Characterization The author does not directly state a character's traits.
Internal Conflict THIS is a problem or struggle that takes place in the character's mind (person vs. self). This is the person's struggle with his or her own feelings.
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