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First Drug Set

Cubicin Generic: Daptomycin Class: Lipopeptide Antibiotic Indication: Complicated skin infection Form:500mg lyophilized vials
Tygaril Generic: Tigecylcine Class: glycylcline Indication: complicated infection Form: 50mg lyophilized vial
Procrit Generic: Epoetin Alfa Class: Erythropoietin Indication: Anemia in chronic renal failure Form: 2000/3000/4000/10000/40000 unit/ml
Trisenox Generic: Arsenic Trioxide Class: Antineoplastic Indication: Leukemia Form: 1mg/ml inj
Mycamine Generic: Micafungin Sodium Class: Antifungal Indication: Candida infection Form: 50 100 mg vial
Rituxan Generic: Rituximab Class: Monoclonal Antibodies Indication: Non-hodgkins lymphoma leukemia rheumatoid arthritis Form: 10mg/ml inj
Pneumovax 23 Generic: Pneumoccal Vaccine Class: Vaccine Indication: Prevent pneomoccal infect Form: 0.5ml/dose
Zyvox Generic: Linezolid Class: Oxazolidinone Antidiabetic Indication: Skin infections an pneumonia Form: 2mg/ml inj, 400 & 600ml tabs, 100mg/5ml oral susp after recon
Combivent Generic: Ipratropium & albuterol Class: bronchodilator Indication: COPD Form: 18mcg lpratropium/ 103mcg albuterol per 14.7g canister actuation
Arzerra Generic: Ofatumumab Class: Monoclonal Antibody Indication: Chronic lymphocytic leukemia Form: 100mg/5ml vial, 1000mg/50ml vial
Created by: Msomwaru