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Holocaust vocab

Stack #116506

Eichmann,Adolf Head of the Gestapo, responsible for sending thousands of Jews to death camps, arrested at end of war, escaped, caught in 1960 in Argentina, hanged.
Hitler, Adolf Nazi dictator.
Allies of WWII Great Britain, United States, and France.
Axis Power Germany, Itlay, and Japan.
anti-semitism hatred of Jews
Aryan according to Hitler, a superior race of people, a non- Jewish caucasian
D-Day commonly, an unspecified date for carrying out military offensive; during WWII, June 6, 1944 when the Allies attacked western Europe.
Eisenhower U.S. General during WWII; later became president
fasism a totalitarian goverment (doesnt recognize other political parties) led by a dictator and emphasizing nationalism and often racism; Mussolini of Italy
Final solution cover name for the plan to destroy the Jews (killing them in concentration camps)
genocide the killing of an entire group of people (racial, ethnic, or religious)
Gentile non- Jew, especially Christians
Gestapos/SS Nazi Secret Police, established in 1933 by Himmler and Eichmann, did the majority of Jew killing
ghetto seperate area where Jews were forced to live; crowed, starvation conditions; served as collection center before deportation to camps
Himmler, Heinrich head of SS/Gestapo, all German police forces: commited suicide
Kristallnacht Crystal Night (glass fragments) NOv. 9-10, 1938; Synagogues burned, stores looted.
Mein Kamf ("My Struggle") Hitler's book detailing his beleifs and plans for the destruction of Jews; written while in prison; said Germans belonged to a Superior Aryan race: all Jews were Evil.
Nazism ideology (belief system) practiced by Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers' Party; believed in an Aryan Race, hated Jews.
Nuremburg Law 1935; limited Jewish rights; Jews were treated as "subjects" not citizens.
Muremberg Trials in Germany, 1945-46, trials of German leaders accused of Crimes against humanity; 19 of 22 found gulity, 7 sent to prision, 12executed.
Star of David Jewish symbol
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano U.S. president during WWII
Leader to know 1: Hitler(Germany)
Leader to know 2: Mussolini(Italy)
Leader to know 3: Roosevelt(U.S.)
Leader to know 4: ChurchHill(Britain)
Created by: drolka7