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Poetry Authors

Zeanah Poetry authors, descriptions, and stories.

StoryAuthorStory FactAuthor Fact
The Love Song of Alfred J Prufrock TS Eliot dramatic monologue Modernist
The River Merchants Wife, In a Station of the Metro Ezra Pound imagist poem about asian girl in arranged marraige (husband- river boat pilot) helped develop Imagism
Heat, Pear Tree H.D. (Hilda Doolittle) these poem create strong images began Imagist movement
The Red Wheelbarrow, The Great Figure, This is just to say William Carlos Williams imagist poems believed "all words create a single effect"
anyone lived in a pretty how town e. e. cummings anyone: person, no one: person's wife concern for the individual and his ability to recognize life's ironies
old age sticks e. e. cummings author known for Satire wrote everything uncapitalized (concerned with being unique)
The Unknown Citizen W. H. Auden satire and Modernist poem wrote about individuality against conformity (anti nazi), and known for criticisms
Of Modern Poetry, Anecdote of the Jar Wallace Stevens 'Modern Poetry' -poetry is a stage Symbolist; believed naturalist world was the only certainty (ironic, because he was in insurance guy)
Ars Poetica MacLeish author believed poetry should touch human spirit influenced by Modernists and wrote about political and social issues
Poetry Moore author believed poetry should be understandable and accessible; otherwise, a failure Modernist poet, but did not write about modern things. instead, wrote of nature and animals.
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