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Emerson Week 9

Week 9 Latin 2

antrum, -i (n) cave
collis, collis (m) hill
dens, dentis (m) tooth, tusk, fang
draco, draconis (m) dragon
hostis, hostis (m/f) enemy, foe (of one's country)
monoceros, monocerotis (m) unicorn
nox, noctis (f) night
serpens, serpentis (m/f) snake, serpent
squama, -ae (f) scale (of an animal)
unguis, unguis (m) fingernail, toenail, claw, hoof
callidus, -a, -um clever, sly, cunning
celsus, -a, -um lofty, high
magicus, -a, -um magical
obscurus, -a, -um hidden, dark
calcitro (1) I kick
Mordeo, mordere, momordi, morsum I bite
muto (1) I change
oppugno (1) I attack
specto (1) I watch, look at
sed but
animal, animalis (n) animal
avis, avis (f) bird
canis, canis (m/f) dog
feles, felis (f) cat
fons, fontis (m) spring, fountain, source
iter, itineris (n) journey, road, route, trek
mare, maris (n) sea
mons, montis (m) mountain
ratis, ratis (f) raft
rete, retis (n) net
carus, a, um dear, beloved, favorite
longinquus, a, um far away, distant
magnus, a, um large, big, great
parvus, a, um little, small, unimportant
caveo, cavere, cavi, cautum I am wary of, take care, am on guard against
erro, errare, erravi, erratum I wander, err, am mistaken
navigo, navigare, navigavi, navigatum I sail
veho, vehere, vexi, vectum I carry, convey
paene almost
solum only
caseus, i (m) cheese
cena, ae (f) dinner, meal
cibus, i (m) food
donum, i (n) gift
lac, lactis (n) milk
lactuca, ae (f) lettuce
lardum, i (n) bacon, lard
macula, ae (f) spot, mark, stain
panis, panis (m) bread
vinum, i (n) wine
albus, a, um white, pale
brunus, a, um brown
caeruleus, a, um blue
flavus, a, um yellow, blond
niger, nigra, nigrum black, dark
ruber, rubra, rubrum red
do, dare, dedi, datum I give
gusto, gustare, gustavi, gustatum I taste
laudo, laudare, laudavi, laudatum I praise
rogo, rogare, rogavi, rogatum I ask
cuniculus, -i (m) rabbit
dies,diei (m) day, period of time
effigies, effigiei(f) image, likeness, statue
fides, fidei (f) faith, trust
horologium, horologii(n) clock, watch
meridies, meridiei (m) noon, midday
puella, -ae (f) girl
regina, -ae (f) queen
res, rei (f) thing
rex, regis (m) king
spes, spei (f) hope
tempus, temporis (n) time
serus,a,um late
bibo, bibere, bibi, bibitum I drink
edo, edere, edi, esum I eat
cras tomorrow
heri yesterday
hodie today
mox soon
nunc now
Created by: sfahling