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Jarvis PE&HA ch 1

Jarvis PE&HA Chapter 1 (USI 247)

assessment the collection of data about an individual's health state
biomedical model the Western European/North American tradition that views health as the absence of disease
conplete database a complete health history and full physical examination.
critical thinking simultaneously problem-solving while self-improving one's own thinking ability
diagnostic reasoning a method of collecting & analyzing clinical info: (1) attending to cues (2) formulating diagnostic hypothesis (3) gathering data relative to hypothesis (4) evaluating each hypothesis w/ new data (5) final diagnosis
emergency database rapid collection of the database, often compiled condurrently with life-saving measures
environment total of all the conditions & elements that make up the surroundings & influence the development of a person
episodic database one used for limited or short-term problem; concerns mainly 1 problem, 1 cue complex, or 1 body system
follow-up database used in all settings to monitor progress on short-term or chronic health problems
holistic health the view that the mind, body & spirit are interdependent and function as a whole within the environment
medical diagnosis used to evaluate the cause and etiology of disease; focus is on the function or malfunction of a specific organ system
nursing diagnosis used to evaluate the response of the whole person to actual or potential health problems
nursing process a method of collecting & analyzing clinical info: (1) assessment (2) diagnosis (3) outcome indentification (4) planning (5) implementation (6) evaluation
objective data what the health profession OBSERVES by inspecting, palpating, percussing & auscultating during the physical examination
prevention any action directed toward promoting health & preventing the occurrence of disease
subjective data what the person SAYS about himself or herself during history taking
wellness a dynamic process & view of health; a move toward optimal functioning
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