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Hugo Cabret

Reading Olympics Book 2012 - 2013

Ch 1: Who is the main character? Hugo Cabret.
What did he see from behind the great clock? An old man who owned the toy booth was arguing with a girl.
How did the old man look? Agitated. Hugo thought that he found out that he stole the toys but still he needed them.
when did hugo make his move? Right when the old man closed his eyes.
what was in Hugo's pocket? His notebook.
What did the old man say when he saw the drawings in the note book? Ghosts.
What did he do to the notebook? Keep it and might burn it.
Ch 2:Where did Hugo live? In a cluster of secret apartments that had been built for the people who ran the station years ago.
Which clock did Hugo go to first? As always the big glass clocks on the roof.
What was next to the station inspector's desk? A jail cell that sat waiting for criminals.
Ch 3:What sound did the old man hate? The sound of heels clicking on the floor.
Where did the old man live? In a decrepit apartment building across from the graveyard.
Ch 4:When Hugo threw a rock at the window what happened? The girl from the toy booth peered out.
What was the old man's name? Papa Georges.
What did both Hugo and the girl do? They both spied on each other.
What did the girl promise him? That she will make sure that the book doesn't get burned. then Hugo ran off.
ch5. what did Hugo take out after a long time? a man who was built entirely of clockwork and fine machinery. it became the center of Hugo's life.
how did it get into his house? Pg 114. one day his dad brought it from his work. he found in at the museums attic
what was it called? an automaton. there are many types of these like a singing bird in a cage, an acrobat in a trapeze
what did this one do? write
who usually makes these? magicians to use in their performances
what was the secret of the Automaton? the clock works. Hugo thought his father could fix it since he was a clock maker
where was his workshop? in the museum's attic
where did Hugo get his notebook from? from his father as a birthday gift.
what happened one night? the old guard in the museum forgot that Hugo's dad was still at work and locked the museum.
what happened to his father? Pg 120 a fire broke out in the museum and he died in it.
who took care of Hugo then? his uncle
what did his uncle tell him? that he is done with school since there wouldn't be time for it in the walls of the station
what did Hugo want to be when he grew up? a magician because of the Automaton
what did uncle Claude teach Hugo that he really despised? stealing for food even though it was the only way to get food at times
what happened one night after his uncle left? his uncle never came back
what did Hugo see one day at the museum's wreckage? the Automaton
what did Hugo really want to do ever since? fix the Automaton
who drew the drawings in Hugo's notebook? his dad which were drawings of instructions to make an Automaton
what was Hugo's new goal? to get back his notebook from the old man.
Ch6: What did the old man at the toy booth give Higo the next morning? Ashes wrapped in a handkerchief.
What did Hugo notice while he was crying? That Papa Georges was crying too.
What did Hugo notice when he picked up his coffee? A folded up piece of paper was on table which said " meet me at the bookseller's on the other side of the train station "and " your note book wasn't burned"
ch 7 What was the name of the bookstore? R.Labisse,Bookseller new and used
What did the book store remind him of? remind him of his school and his best friends,Antoine and Louis.
Who was in the bookstore waiting for him? The girl he saw at Papa George's house.
What did the girl like? secrets
Where did Hugo go after the bookstore? To the toy booth.
What did the old man tell him to do? be useful.
What did Hugo do to be useful? he took a broom and started to sweep the floor,also he bought two croissants and two coffees for each of them.
what did the old man tell him to do with a crushed up blue wind up mouse? Fix it with tiny screw drivers,pliers,files and brass hammers.
What did the old man tell Hugo after he fixed the mouse? That he is talented and is good with the mechanical things and that he can prove himself more than being a thief.
What was the deal? That Hugo has to work for him for months and then he can get his notebook back.
What was the risk in it? That after all these hard work he might even not get back his notebook as it could be already burned.
did Hugo agree to the man's proposal? he didn't like it much but it was a start for him.
Ch 8 What did the man do at the toy booth? He made a card float up by itself and then lower into the deck again.
how did the old man react when Hugo asked him how he did that? he said " was I doing that? Wasn't paying attention"
What did the girl tell Hugo? To meet her at the bookstore in 10 mints.
Did the girl find the Hugo's notebook yet? No,but she was still looking for it.
Who entered through the door? someone named "Etienne" who the girl knew.
What was girls name? Isabelle
What does Etienne do? he works at the movie theatre and sneaks her in bec, papa George's won,t allow her to see any movies.
What was the last movie Hugo saw with his father? "Safety last" which shows a man hanging from the arms of a giant clock.
What memories did the idea of going to the movies bring back to Hugo? That once his father saw a movie which showed a rocket fly right into the eye of the man in the moon. His father never experienced anything like it before.
What book did Hugo get from the bookstore? Practical manual of Card Magic and Illusions.
Why did Etienne have an eye patch? Because he lost his eye as skid while playing with fireworks. A Portuguese rocket flew into it.
What magic trick did Etienne show Hugo? By making a coin appear from under his eye patch which he gave to Hugo to buy the book.
Ch 9: How well did Hugo read the magic book? He read from cover to cover, reread his favorite parts, memorized whole section and practiced with whatever he could find.
What did Hugo do for the first time? Fix something on the mechanical man without using his notebook.
What happened to Isabelle's parents? They died when she was a baby and papa georges and mama jeanne were her godparents so they took her in and cared for her.
What did the man say when Hugo asked him about Etienne? That he fired him since he was snw=eaking kids in to the theater.
What did Isabelle do to get them inside? Used a pin to open the door. She learned that from books.
What movies did they watch? The Clock Store and The Million.
What did the manager do? He found them and took them out of the theater and waited till they ran away.
When Hugo started to run what did Isabelle do? Chase after him. Then she fell.
What did hugo get really interested in? A heart shaped key which was around Isabelle's neck. He wanted to know where she got it.
Ch 10: When Hugo went to the booth what did Papa Georges do? Yell at him and said that he broke in to his house and stole the notebook.
Who actually stole the notebook? Isabelle.
What did Hugo do to Isabelle? Hug her.
Ch 11: What had Hugo done with the automaton? Completely fix it.
What was in the middle of its back? A heart shaped hole outlined in silver.
Why id he hug Isabelle? To get the heart key.
After reading the magic book what could Hugo do? He could make cards float in midair, turn marbles int mice and more.
What was the best Hugo could do? Make Isabelle's necklace disappear without her feeling a thing.
Ch 12:Did the key fit? Yes perfectly.
Who entered his room? Isabelle. She found out that he stole her key.
What id she call Hugo? That he is a liar and a thief.
What was Isabelle confused about? Why did her key fit into his father's machine.
Who turned the key? Isabelle.
What mattered most to hugo when it turned on? The message.
What happened after the automaton stopped writing? It showed just random disconnecting lines.
What did the automaton keep doing? Making the lines.
What did it turn out to be? The drawing that his father saw. A picture of the rocket fly into the man in the moon's eye.
Part 2 Ch 1: What was the last thing the automaton do? Sign a name.
What name did it sign? George Melies. It was Papa Georges name.
While Isabelle and Hugo were fighting over the paper what happened? It ripped in half.
What did Isabelle accidentally do? She slammed the door on Hugo's fingers.
When Hugo showed Isabelle's godmother the picture? Her eyes filled with tears and said that it isn't possible.
How did Isabelle get the key? She stole it from her godmother.
What did she tell both of them to do? Not to speak about it ever again.
Ch 2: After Papa georges came back what did the old woman tell hugo to do? Not say a word.
What did the armoire have? a decorative panel with two cracks in it.
What happened when isabelle tried to take the box out? She fell and Hugo saw that the box was covered with a blanket which had pictures of stars and moons on it.
What did the box have in it? Drawings by George Melies.
What did e=the old man do when the old lady told him to stop acting silly and that he drew them. He said he is nothing, he is a penniless merchant, a prisoner, a shell and a windup toy.
Ch 3: After all the commotion what did Hugo do? Took the keys to the booth and left.
What did Hugo find in the toy booth? The blue mouse wrapped in a handkerchief.
Because of his hurt hand what did hugo think would happen? The clocks will break down and the station inspector will start investigating.
Where could Hugo find out more about movies? The Film Academy Library.
Ch 4: Where was the academy? Outside of the station.
When Hugo entered what did the lady at the desk say? That he is too small and dirty and has to be accompanied by an adult to enter.
Who called his name right then? Etienne.
What advantage did he get because of his eye patch? It helps him look through a camera easier.
What book did Hugo get? The Invention of Dreams: The story of the first movies ever made.
What was the name of the movie his father saw? A trip to the moon.
What did it say at the last line of the article about George Melies? That he died in the World War 2.
Ch 5:When Hugo sat down on the bed to talk to isabelle what did she start doing? She cried because she was sorry about slamming his fingers.
What happened to Mr. Melies? He has a high fever and keeps on talking to himself.
What did Hugo do to make the people believe that Mr. Melies is alive? Invited them to their house next week.
What did Hugo tell Isabelle? The whole story of the automaton.
Ch 6: what did Hugo do the next morning? Set up the toy booth just like the old an did and he collected money.
What did Greek story did Isabelle tell Hugo? Prometheus created humankind out of mud and stole fire from the gods as a gift for the people he made.
What did Hugo start thinking while he was at the toy booth? If he was going to be stuck there for his entire life just like the old man.
What did Hugo tell Isabelle? That all machines are built for a reason.
What does Hugo sometimes think the world is? A big machine.
Ch 7: What did the station inspector do? Write a note to Hugo's uncle and asked for a face to face meeting.
What accident took place when Hugo was very young? A train was coming too fast and it smashed through the walls of the station and flew out the window.
What question did Monsieur Tabard ask Isabelle? Her godfather's full name to see if it is true.
What did Monsieur Tabard say about Mr. Melies? That when he was little he said "if you ever wondered where your dreams when you go to sleep at night, just look around. this is where they are made."
What did Mr. tabard bring? A movie of George Melies.
What movie was it? A trip to the moon.
After the movie ended who showed up? Mr. Melies.
What did he do? Take the projector and carried into his room and locked it.
Ch 8: what did they here? A loud crash and more terrible sounds.
What did he do? He broke off the armoire doors to get his old drawings and turned on the projector and made it face him.
What did his parents want to do? Work in the shoe factory.
Who was his inspiration? The Lumiere brothers. They made the first movies.
Who was the only one who survived a car accident which happened to his dearest friends? A baby girl, Isabelle.
Why did mr. Melies stop making movies?Page 406. Since Isabelle's parents passed away.
What did he tell Hugo to do? Bring the automaton.
Ch 9: What did Hugo hear from a lady called Madam Emile? That they found the body of a dead man at the bottom of a river.It turned out to be hugo's uncle Claud.
What did the station inspector think? That his ghost was keeping the clocks running, but then someone disturbed the ghost and all the clocks are breaking down.
What happened right then? Hugo accidentally dropped his milk bottle and madam emile found out that he was the one who stole the milk from her.
When hugo opened the door to see who knocked what happened? madam emile,monseur frick and the station inspector burst in like a hurricane. right then the automaton fell and broke into two.
When the station inspector let go of hugo's broken finger what did hugo do? He ran away.
What happened when hugo got out of his house? He ran into someone's back and fell over and was caught by the station inspector.
Ch 10. Where did the station inspector put Hugo? He threw him in the metal cell which was in his office.
How did Hugo escaped from the cage? The cops thought that he will open his mouth if taken to the police station and so opened his cage,that was when Hugo made a run for it.
Where did hugo end up? On the train tracks right when the train was coming.
What happened at the last possible moment? The station inspector yanked hugo off the track to safety.
After the incident what did Hugo do? He fainted.
When he woke up who did he see? George Melies.
What couldn't the station inspector believed? That Hugo was running the clocks the whole time.
Why wasn't Mr. Melies worried that the automaton broke again? Since with the two of them,hugo and him they will be able to finish it pretty fast.
Ch 11: After six months where was Hugo's new home? A small storage room in the back of Mr. Melies apartment.
What had Hugo start doing again? Going to school.
What did Hugo do before he left? Stuff his pockets with little magic tricks and cards as usual.
What invatation did Hugo have? An evening celebration of the cinema legen George Melies.
What did Isabelle get for her birthday from her godparents? A black and silver camera.
Who drew the picture of Prometheus which was in the library? Papa Georges.
Who were Hugo's new guardians? Papa Georges and Mama Jeane.
How many movies did Papa Georges Produce? About 500 and hoping that more will come.
What did they show? All of Georges' movies were shown after over a decade.
What was the last film? a Trip to the Moon.
After the gala ended what did Hugo do? Hugo did magic tricks.
What did Papa Georges tell everyone? That this is the first public performance of Professor Alcofrisbas.
Who was Professor Alcofrisbas? Hugo Cabret.
Ch 12: What did Hugo do when he got older? Build a new automaton.
What could it produce? Pictures of the full moon turning into a new moon.
Created by: akbasu
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