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an open eruption in the earth's surface through wich lava, hot gases, and rock fragments erupt; a vent volcanoes
the reservoir located under the volcano where magma collects and becomes the supply of magma/lava to build the volcano magma chambers
the above ground structure built from lava cone
the path that the magma takes from the magma chamber to the vent conduit
molten, liquid rock on the surface of the earth lava
a smaller secondary volcano built on the side of or near the main volcano, but sharing the same conduit to the magma chamber parasitic cone
a secondary vent that emits only gases fumarole
a long crack in wich lava flows fissure
the opening of the volcano, through which lava, ash, and gases flow vent
a type of lava that often has a ropy or wrinkled appearance (an old person) pahoehoe lava
a type of lava that hardens with a rough, jagged, sharp edge surface (looks like thrown up broccoli) aa lava
a type of lava that shows sack-like segments (stuffed pillows) (looks like the skin of a seal) pillow lava
where do volcanes occur? divergent boundaries <> convergent boundaries >< hot spots
what are the three types of volcano mountains? cinder cones shield composite
the type of volcano that can become active and erupt again after a "wake-up" period dormant (sleeping)
the type of volcano that is not expected to ever erupt again extinct
Created by: sdfernandez