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autoimmune hemolytic anemia Anti-RBC
bullous pemphigoid anti-epidermal basement membrane
Type I DM Anti- beta islet cells
Pemphigus anti-keratinocyte jn
pernicious anemia anti intrinsic factor, anti parietal cell
microscopic polyangiitis p-ANCA
polymyositis speckled ANA, Anti-Jo (specific!)
Progressive systemic sclerosis/ scleroderma anti-Scl70
sjogren's syndrome Anti-SS A (anti-Ro), Anti-SS B (anti-La)
idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura anti-structural platelet
vitiligo anti-melanocyte
Graves' Disease anti-TSH receptor
Hashimoto's Thyroditis anti-microsomal
Rheumatoid arthritis anti-IgG
SLE anti-nuclear Ab (ANA) (sensitive), anti-ds DNA (specific)
drug-induced lupus anti-histone
CREST anti-centromere
myasthenia gravis anti-ACh receptor
Wegener's granulomatosis anti-neutrophil cytoplasm (c-ANCA)
Celiac's anti-gliadin
goodpasture's syndrome anti-glomerular basement membrane (anti-GBM)
Primary biliary cirrhosis anti-mitochondrial
Behcet's syndrome anti-human oral mucosa Ab
Created by: cschen38