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Chpt 6 Diseases

Diseases and Treatment, Med Term, Sumner College LPN

acute sudden, severe; having a short course
benign Not recurrent or malignant; favorable for recover: describing a tumor that doesn't spread(metastasize) to other tissues
carcinoma a malignant neoplasm composed of epithelial cells
chronic of long duration: progressing slowly
cyst an abnormal filled sac or pouch
edema accumulation of fluid in the tissue; swelling
etiology the cause of disease
Gram stain a lab staining procedure that divides bacteria into two groups; gram-pos.(purple), gram neg.(red)
hernia protrusion of an organ through an abnormal opening: rupture
inflammation a localized response to tissue a localized response to tissue injury characterized by heat, pain redness, and swelling
lesion a distinct area of damaged tissue; an injury or wound
malignant growing worse; harmful; tending to cause death; describing an invasive tumor that can spread to other tissues
metastasis spread from one part of the body to another; characteristic of cancer
necrosis death of tissue
neoplasm an abnormal and uncontrolled growth of tissue, namely, a tumor
parasite an organism capable of causing desease
phagocytosis the ingestion of organisms, such as invading bacteria or small particles of waste material by a cell
prolapse a dropping or downward displacement of an organ or part; ptosis
pus a product of inflammation consisting of fluid and white blood cells
sarcoma a malignant neoplasm arising from connective tissue
sepsis the presence of harmful microbes or their toxins in the blood or other tissues
toxin a poison
trauma a physical or psychological wound or injury
bacill/i, bacill/o grapelike cluster
bacteri/o bacterium
myc/o mold, fungus
vir/o virus
-algia, -algesia pain
-cele hernia, localized dilation (gastrocele)
-clasis, -clasia breaking
-itis inflammation
-megaly enlargement
-odynia pain
-oma tumor
rhage, -rhagia bursting forth, profuse flow, hemorrhage
-rhea flow, discharge
-rhexis rupture
-schsis fissure, splitting
dilation, dilatation expansion, widening
lysis separation, loosening, dissolving, destruction
malacia softening
sclerosis hardeninig
stasis supression, stoppage
brady- slow
dys- abnormal
xero- dry
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