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KDBS Mandarin '08

Words from Chapter 12, page 77, KDBS 8th grade

Characterpinyin and definition
减价 jian jia- reduce the price
商店 shang dian- shop;store
商场 shang chang- shopping mall
各种各样 ge zhong ge yang- all kinds of
商品 shang pin- goods;commodity
比较 bi jiao- compare;relatively
gui- expensive;valuable
质量 zhi liang- quality
大豆 da dou- mostly largely
ba- preposition;measure word
退换 tui huan- exchange a purchase
便宜 pian yi- cheap
出售 chu shou- sell
顾客 gu ke- customer
打八折 da ba zhe- give 20% discount
就是说 jiu shi shuo- that is to say
原价 yuan jia- original price
zhi- used to connect the modifier and the word modified
百分之二十 bai fen zhi er shi- (20%) twenty percent
如今 ru jin- nowadays
fu- pay
现金 xian jin- cash
支票 zhi piao- check (the paper check, not check as in re-look)
大多 da duo- mostly;mainly
信用卡 xin yong ka- credit card
Created by: YudinK
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