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Chpt 8 Drugs

Medical Terminology Sumner College LPN Program

Key TermMeaning
anaphylaxis an extreme allergic rxn that can lead to resp. distress, circulatory collapse, and death
antagonist a substance that interferes w/ or opposes the action of a drug
brand name the trade or prorprietary name of a drug, a registered trademark of the manufacturer; written w/ an initial capital letter
contraindication a factor that makes the use of a drug undesirable or dangerous
drug a substance that alters body function
efficacy the power to produce a specific result; effectiveness
generic name the nonproprietary name of a drug; that is, a name that is not privately owned or trademarked; usu. a simplified version of the chemical name; not capitalized
phytomedicine another name for herbal medicine
potentiation increased potency created by two drugs acting together
prescription (Rx) Written and signed order for a drug with directions for its administration
side effect a result of drug therapy or other therapy that is unrelated to or an extension of it intended effect; usu. an undesirable effect
substance dependence a condition that may result from chronic use of a drug in which a person has a chronic or compulsive need for a drug regardless of its adverse effects; dependence may be psychological or physical
synergy combined action of two or more drugs working together to produce an effect greater than any of the durgs could produce when acting alone; also called synergism
tolerance a condition in which chronic use of a drug results in loss
withdrawal a condition that results from cessation or reduction of a drug that has been used regularly
-lytic dissolving, reducing, loosening
-mimetic mimicking, simulating
-tropic acting on
anti- against
contra- against, oppose
counter- opposite, against
chem/o chemical
hypn/o sleep
narc/o sleep
pharm, pharmac/o drug, medicine
pyr/o, pyret/o fever
vas/o vessel
ASA acetylsalicylic acid (asprin)
INH Isoniazid (antituberculosis drug)
ODS Office of Dietary Supplements
PDR Physician's Desk Reference
ung ointment
D/C,dc discontinue
DS double strength
aq water
ac before meals
ad lib as desired
hs at bedtime
pc after meals
pp postprandial(after a meal)
qam every morning
qh every hour
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