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Chpt 7 Diagnosis

Chpt 7 Diagnosis and Treatment; surgery

anesthesia loss of the ability to feel pain, as by admin. of a drug
auscultation listening for sound w/in the body, usu. w/in the chest or abdoment
biopsy removal of a small amt of tissue for microscopic examination
cautery distruction of tissue by a damaging agent, such as a harmful chemical, heat, or electric current; cauterization
chemotherapy use of chemicals to treat disease; often applied to cancer tx
diagnosis the process of determining the cause and nature of an ilness
endoscope an instrument for examining the inside of an organ or cavity through a body opening or small incision
excision removal by cutting
fixation holding or fastening a structure in a firm position
grading a method for evaluating a tumor based on microscopic examination of the cells
immunotherapy treatment that involves stimulation or suppression of the immune system, either specifically or nonspecifically
incision a cut, as for surgery; also the act of cutting
inspection visual examination of the body
laser a device that transforms light into a beam of intense heat and power; used for surgery and diagnosis
opthalmosope an instrument for examining the interior of the eye
otoscope instrument used to examine the ears
palliative providing relief but not cure; a treatment to provides such relief
palpation examining by placing the hands or fingers on the surface of the body to determine characteristics such as texture, temp., movement, and consistency
percussion tapping the body lightly but sharply to assess the condition of underlying tissue by the sounds obtained
prognosis prediction of a disease's course and outcome
radiography use of x-rays passed through the body to make a visual record of internal structures on specially sensitized film
remission lessening of disease symptoms; the period during which this decrease occurs or the period when no sign of a disease exits
sign objective evidence of disease that can be observed or tested; an objective symptom
staging the process of classifying malignant tumors for diagnosis, tx, and prognosis
stethoscope an instrument for listening to sounds produced within the body.
surgery a method for treating disease or injury by manual operations
suture to unite parts by stitching them together; also the thread or other material used in the process or the seam formed by surgical stitching
symptom any evidence of disease; sometimes limited to subjective evidence of disease, as experienced by the individual.
therapy treatment; intervention
vital signs measurements that reflect basic functions nec. to maintain life
biofeedback a method for learning control of involuntary physiologic responses by using electronic devices to monitor bodily changes and feeding this information back to a person
chiropractic a science that stresses the condtion of the nervous system in diagnosis and treatment of disease; often the spine is manipulated to correct misalignment
homeopathy a philosophy of treating disease by administering drugs in highly diluted form along with promoting healthy life haits and a healthy environment
naturopathy a therapeutic philosophy of helping people to heal themselves by developing healthy lifestyles
osteopathy a system of therapy based on the theory that the body can overcome disease when it has normal structure, a favorable environment, and proper nutrition.Osteopaths use standard medical practices for diagnosis and tx.
aer/o air,gas
bar/o presssure
chrom/o, chromato/o color, stain
cry/o cold
chron/o time
electro/o electricity
erg/o work
phon/o sound, voice
phot/o light
radi/o radiation, x-ray
son/o sound
therm/o heat, temperature
-centesis puncture, tap
-desis binding, fusion
-ectomy excision, surgical removal
-pexy surgical fixation
-plasty plastic repair, plastic surgery, reconstruction
-rhaphy surgical repair, suture
-stomy surgical creation of an opening
-tome instrument for incising(cutting)
-tomy incision, cutting
-tripsy crushing
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