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Formula 5


Xiao Jian Zhong Int Warming - Consumptive deficiency
Xiao Qing Long Tang Ext Resolving - Exterior Wind Cold w/ congested fluids
Xiao Xian Xiong Tang Phlegm-dispelling Heat - Resolves Phlegm in Chest - stops cough
Xiao Yao San Harmonizing - LR Qi Stagnation and Blood Xu
Xie Bai San Heat Clearing - Accumulation of Heat in the LU
Xing Su San Dryness - Cools Dryness - disperse LU to resolve Phlegm
Xuan Fu Dia Zhe Tang Rebellious Qi - SP / ST Xu plus Phlegm in the Interior
Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang Blood stasis - in Chest w/ LR Qi stagnation
Yang He Tang Yang Int Warming - Yin Type localized swelling
Yang Yin Qing Fei Tang Dryness - Tonifies Yin and clears LU Heat - Yin Xu internal Heat w/ Ext PF attacks
Yin Chen Hao Tang Damp-Heat Dispelling - Damp-Heat Jaundice in M Jiao
Yin Qiao San Ext Resolving (W-H) - Febrile disease attacking Wei Qi level
You Gui Wan Tonifying - KD Yang Xu plus Ming Men Fire
Created by: Gulshan