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ROK Stars

Literacy Terms

advertisement The purpose of THIS is to sell a product or service
cause and effect THIS is something that makes something else happen. THIS also is what happens as a result.
dialogue THESE are words spoken between characters. THIS is the conversation between characters
poem/poetry THIS is a type of literature in which ideas and feelings are expressed in compact, imaginative and often musical language.
conclusion THIS is a decision based on careful consideration of facts and observations.
metaphor THIS is a comparison of two things that are not usually thought of as alike. THIS is a figure of speech but does not use "like" or "as."
simile THIS is the comparison of two unlike things using "like" or "as."
prefix THIS is a letter combination placed at the beginning of a root word. Together THIS and a root word make a new word with a new meaning.
base word THIS is a word to which prefixes and suffixes may be added to create new and related words.
noun THIS is a person, place, thing, or idea.
alliteration THIS is the use of repeated consonant sounds.
news THIS is TRUE information about recent, interesting, or important news.
fact THIS is something that is true. It can be shown to exist or be something that has actually happened.
opinions THIS is what someone thinks about something and is not necessarily true or untrue. THIS is a personal belief or judgement.
play THIS is a story written to be performed in front of an audience.
inference Authors don't usually tell us everything. Readers must use clues, thinking, and experience to make logical guesses as they read. This is called what?
details THESE help the reader better understand the topic senence or main idea. Anything that tells more about the topic is THIS.
context clues THESE help the reader to figure out what a word means by looking at the words nearby.
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