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Naturally passive immunuty Transfer of maternal antibodies across placenta
Naturally active immunity After exposure to antigens in environment
Artificially active immunity After administration of antigen to prevent disease
Induced passive given the antibody by injection
Passive not forever
Thymus at birth source of of lymphocytes
Tonsils first line of defence
Spleen produces RBC's,lymphocytes,and monocytes-can release 200 cc
Lymph vessels helps restore fluid volume to vascular space
Lymph fluid picks up dirt and passes to nodes and tissues for cleaning
Lymph nodes produce lymphocytes,monocytes if spleen is removed
Neutrophils most active,responds to tissue destruction
Eosinophils Combats histamine and mediators,
Monocytes become macrophages, engulf bacteria
Basophils Involved in allergy reactions-releases histamine
RBC die in 120 days
WBC's die in 8-11 days
In cardiac arest in anaphylactic shock 2-4 liters of fluid is needed and higher doses of epi
RBC count 5-10,000 is normal
Post transplant 1 month -Herpes simplex virus -bacteria or candida
Post transplant 2-6 months -pneumocystitis carinni pneumonia or TB -CMV-cytomegalovirus/varacella zoster/shingles/epstein barr/hep /C
Post transplant 6 months -UTI,Influenza,bacterial pneumonia
Cell mediated immunity Recognize and attack antigen directly with T lymphocytes
Humoral Immunity Produce antibodies, do not attack directly, -develops memory ,involves T and B lymphocytes
IgG 70-75% Most abundant,only type that can pass thru placenta,protects,
IgA 15%
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