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MC OB Exam 1

Braxton Hicks small little contractions
Goodell's sign softening of the cervis
Chadwick's sign bluish-purple discoloration of the cervix
Colostrum 1st milk produced that is full of lipids
Chlosama darkening of the pigments of the face aka "mask of pregnancy"
Vascular Spider Nevi breaks in the legs of spider nevi
Linea Nigra dark line up the umbilicus
Gravida any pregnancy, regardless of duration, including present pregnancy
Gestation # of weeks since LMP aka weeks of growth
Abortion birth of a fetus who weighs less than 500 g or before 20 weeks
Pre-term labor labor that occurs after 20 weeks but before 37 complete weeks
Post-term labor labor that occurs after 42 weeks
Stillbirth fetus born dead
Para birth after 20 weeks
Antepartum all 3 trimesters
Intrapartum labor & delivery
Postpartum after delivery for about 6 weeks
Ptyalism Metallic taste in mouth often but may just be weird taste
Erythroblastosis destruction of hemoglobin
300/kcal/day 2nd & 3rd Trimester
No additional calories 1st Trimester
Swordfish Shark Tilefish King mackerel Throwback
Canned light tuna Shrimp Salmon Catfish Pollack Albacorn tuna keep & eat
diet includes milk, dairy products, and eggs Lacto-ovovegetarian
diet includes dairy products but no eggs Lactovegetarian
diet includes no animal products Vegan
Persistent craving and consumption of non-nutritive substances Pica
Which Sign: Amenorrhea Presumptive
Which Sign: N/V Presumptive
Which Sign: Excessive fatigue Presumptive
Which Sign: Urinary Freq Presumptive
Which Sign: Breast changes Presumptive
Which Sign: Quickening Presumptive
Which Sign: Chadwick's sign Probable
Which Sign: Goodell's sign Probable
Which Sign: Hegar's sign Probable
Which Sign: Enlargement of the abdomen Probable
Which Sign: Braxton Hicks contractions Probable
Which Sign: Ballottement Probable
Which Sign: Positive Pregnancy test Probable
Which Sign: abdominal striae Probable
Which Sign: uterine souffle Probable
Which Sign: changes in skin pigmentation Probable
Uterine souffle whooshing sound that matches the maternal pulse
Ballottement feeling of the babies head
Hegar's sign softening of the lower uterine segment
Which Sign: auscultation of fetal heartbeat Positive
Which Sign: fetal movement felt by examiner Positive
Which Sign: visualization of the fetus Positive
1st day of LMP-3 months +7 days=EDB/EDD Näegle’s Rule
Torch a set of infections that toxoplasmosis, rubella, cytomegaly virus (herpes virus), herpes simplex virus 2
Gush of fluid from vagina Danger Signs of Pregnancy
vaginal bleeding Danger Signs of Pregnancy
abdominal pain Danger Signs of Pregnancy
fever Danger Signs of Pregnancy
dizziness, blurred vision, spots before rising: rising BP Danger Signs of Pregnancy
persistent vomiting Danger Signs of Pregnancy
edema Danger Signs of Pregnancy
muscular irritabilty or convulsions Danger Signs of Pregnancy
Epigastric pain Danger Signs of Pregnancy
oliguria Danger Signs of Pregnancy
dysuria Danger Signs of Pregnancy
absence/decreased of fetal movement Danger Signs of Pregnancy
Created by: midnight1854