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Congress Notes


Constitution: Congress? Article One
How long is a session One year, two per term of congress
Congress remains in congress... until vote to adjourn
House of Representatives # 435
H of R qualifications 25 years old, seven year resident of constituency
census population count every ten years
apportionment number of representatives each state gets
redistricting setting up new district lines after apportionment
Baker V Carr Federal courts decide conflicts over redistricting
Wesberry v Sanders 1964 one person one vote
gerrymandering drawing of district boundaries to get political advantage
senate 2 per state 30 years old nine year legal resident of state
at large state wide senators elected
senate term six year terms 1/3 run for re election
honoraria money paid for speeches
27 Amendment prohibits congress salary increase from effect until after intervening election
Senate perk free from arrest on way to congress
Hutchinson v Proxmire 1979 can be sued libel for statements outside of congress
censure vote of formal disapproval in senate
incumbent members already in office. 90 percent win re-election
What changed in 1994? Republicans win majority in Congress
bill proposed law
calendars schedules that list order bills will be considered
house Rules Committee moves, holds, stops bills; settles disputes between other house committees
"rule" special order from ruels committee t
quorum minimum number of members to be present to permit legislative action
calendar of general orders lists all bills senate will consider
filibuster keep talking until maj abandons or agrees to modify bill
cloture closes filibuster by 3/5 senate
speaker of House majority party chooses speaker
Majority leader plan party leg. programs, implement bills, make sure bills important to party pass
whips assistant to floor leaders in the House
Vice President in House president of senate votes in ties. Constitutional definition of VP
president pro tempore senior member of majority party
Standing committtee permantent group to oversee bills. Subcommittees specializeses in standing comm respronisbility
Select committteeeeeees temporary committttttees that study on special issue. matters of great concern - overlooked problems - problems of interest groups
join commmmmmitttteees house and senate temporary or permanetn member from both parties and houses. no authority to deal with bills or prppose legislation
conference commmmiiittteeee temporary set up when house and senate pass different versions of same bill
seniority system majority party person with long time in commmittttteee becomes chairperson
two types of staff personal and commmmiittteee staff
Administrative assistant legislative aide
legilative assistants well informed about bills
caseworkers handle request from people in lawmakers state or district
congressional budget office coordinate budget of congress
general accounting office congresssional spending and oversight monitoring
Government printing office daily publishing office that records all bills
Created by: kate.banford