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Chapter 12 Congress

Congress Packet

Seven perks of Congressmen $168,000 salary generous retirement benefits office in DC and in constituency substantial congressional staff (junkets) travel allowances Faranking Priveleges (free mail)
Descriptive representation representing contituents by mirroring personal and political characteristics
Substantive representation representing interests of groups
Is a politician descriptive or substantive substantive
Five advantages of incumbency advertising visibility credit claiming; giving them better public image position taking; favorable to constituents Weak opposition campaign spending
Casework activities of congressmen that help constituents as individuals
Pork barrel list of federal projects, grants, and contracts available to cities, businesses, colleges and institutions available in a congressional district
Political Action Committees give money to incumbents (winners) to buy votes
Incumbent defeated by: scandal, redistricted out of familiear turf, major political tidal wave
Term Limitations (criticism) loss of experienced legislators loss of voter choice already plenty of new people in congress
House Rules Committee reviews all bills (not revenue, budget, appropriations) coming from a House committee before it goes to full house
Formal powers of Speaker of the House presides over House, appoint committee member, make committee assignments, assign bills to committees
Four types of congressional committees standing, joint, conference, select
Standing Committee separate subject matter committees in each house of Congress that handle bills in different policy areas
Joint Committees congressional committees on a few subjec matter areas with membership drawn from both houses
Conference Committees Congressional comm formed when the Senate and the House pass a particular bill in different forms. Party leaderships appoints members from each house to iron out the difference and bring back a single bill
Select Committees congresional comm appointed for a specific purpose. Temporary
Legislative oversight Congress monitoring Beaurocracy and its policy
Seniority System Old Incumbent party leaders get better committees and get committee chairs
Personal Staff Work with constituents
Committee Staff draft bill and do DC stuff
Congressional staff agencies Congressional Research Service, Gov't Accountability Office, Congressional Budget office
Trustee best judgement to make policies in interest of people
Instructed Delegate mirror preferences of constituents
Politicos Congress men are this: strive to be both representatives and policy makers. (trustee + Instructed delegate = politico)
Congress frustrates lobbyists regulating, ignoring, embarassing
Created by: kate.banford