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Chapter 14 Congress

Name that term

Budget A policy document allocating burdens and benefits
Federal Debt All of the money borrowed over the years and still outstanding
Social Security Act 1935 This was intended to provide a minimal level of sustenance to older American
Tax expenditures (loopholes or breaks) revenue losses attributed to provisions of the fed'l tax laws that allow a special exemtion, exclusion, or deduction
Incrementalism Best predictor of this years budget is last years, plus a little bit more
Uncontrollable Expenditures result from policies that make some groups automatically eligible for some benefit (aka an entitlement)
Congressional Budget Office created by congressional budget and impoundment act of 1974. agency advises congress on the probable consequences of its budget decisions
Vote on budget Resolutions occurs in congress every april
Appropriations bill act of congress that funds programs within limits established by authorization bills
Continuing Resolutions allow agencies to spend at the previous years level
Created by: kate.banford